Silverlight 3.0 Tutorial For Beginners Pdf Download

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

This article will step you through developing your first Silverlight application using Visual Studio and Expression Blend. The tutorial goes from installation all the way to the final application to give you a start in this brave new frontier of web technology.

It looks like Microsoft is headed in the right direction by giving us developers a rich client to play with that can be blasted over the internet. This article is being written in real-time as I stumble through creating my first Silverlight application.

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

The installation components for Silverlight 2. After installing the sdk , you'll also want to install the documentation and the beta 2 tools for visual studio Don't forget to install Silverlight 2 if you already haven't!

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

Once we have installed all the tools necessary for developing Silverlight applications, we can turn to our old friend Visual Studio and create a Silverlight web project. Type in the name of your project and click OK.

Silverlight Tutorial

This then gives you the option on how you want to host your Silverlight application for testing. I just picked the default option Add a new web solution. We are now ready to put our fields into our application much like we would in a Windows Form Application yipee! Just bring up Page. This is a little counter intuitive, but hey, whatever works.

Silverlight Training and Tutorials

Looks like I'll need to install Expression Blend 2. It seems like there is already a grid at the root, which is fine with me, so we'll use that one. I'll need to add some rows and columns to make the grid a bit more functional, so let's do that.

We'll add two columns and three rows. Note that without expression blend, you'll need to type them into the view. I just looked back at my machine and Blend is almost finished downloading But let's continue temporarily without it. So now I'll add a few labels and text boxes to my application placing them at different locations inside the grid:.

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

To make the application a little more interesting, we'll add a button to tell the application to perform the calculation. We'll also give each of the textboxes names so we can later refer to them in our C code.

To add a name to a XAML component, use the x: followed by the name of the component. One thing I found interesting is that in order to place text in a TextBlock, you use the Text property.

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In order to put text in a Button, you use the Content property. I found this confusing and inconsistent, unlike Windows Forms which are consistent with all control properties. Perhaps there is some reason for this such as the ability to nest an image in the button, but in that case I would expect the label control to also use the Content property.

It's confusing either way. Anyway, let's move onto coding to perform the calculation:. As with all Microsoft IDE's I would expect to be able to double click on the button in the design view and have it hook up the event.

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The design view appears to be read-only, so I'll add the Click event manually, which gives me an intellisense to add the event handler. Probably the same would have happened if I picked Navigate to Event Handler. Let's add our calculate code to complete the mini-application.

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

I think expression blend just finished installing, can't wait to make my life easier. NET which is one reason I can't wait to switch over. So those of you thinking of Silverlight as just a flash knock-off, think again. Silverlight is looking to be the future of web development for rich gui applications goodbye ASP.

Any way, the net budget calculation is performed using some readily available. NET conversion classes.

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We added a validation routine to validate if we can perform the calculation. Validate just makes sure the fields are not empty and that we are using numbers. Parse txtSalary. Text - float. Parse txtExpenses.

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ToString ". TryParse txtSalary. TryParse txtExpenses. That's it, we are done with the application! It's a pleasure not having to worry about whether your button is posting back or not as you do in ASP.

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Actually, it's a pleasure that you don't have to postback at all! And look, ma, no javascript!

Silverlight 5 Tutorials - A Collection of Beginner Level Articles you may want to Read

Just pure unadulterated C GUI code. Here is what the application looks like with a few minor embellishments. Let's spruce up our application even more using Expression Blend 2. You can open your Silverlight. Expression Blend shows a nice design view which we can alter as we wish:.

Silverlight Basics

The first order of business is to size my text boxes and calculate buttons. I'll also shrink down the Calculate button and move it down a bit by dragging the button inside the view.

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

Next I'll click on the Properties Window and change the colors. I'll use the dropper control and match the button color to the application title. I'll also change the button text color just for kicks.

Figure 9 shows the results from changing the foreground and background properties of the button:. Finally I'll add a nice border around the application so it appears on the web page. You can choose the border control from the toolbar on the left or from the Asset Toolbox:.

Silverlight 3.0 tutorial for beginners pdf download

Using the Properties window, you can size each border side individually around your application in the Appearance section of the properties tab. Once you get over the idiosyncrasies of using a new technology such as XAML and Silverlight, and you get used to the nuances of a tool like Expression Blend, you are well on your way of developing very rich GUI applications on the web in record time.

Combine this new client technology with a database backend, and you are developing secure distributed applications that blow away most of the presentation and complexity of any of the existing web technologies.

You will still be faced with the learning curve of understanding a slew of new properties and classes, as well as different ways to bind them to data, but you'll soon be comfortable in this new environment which leverages existing. NET technology.

Silverlight Tutorials Chapter 1: Introduction to Silverlight

Anyway, travel light ly on the road to a new blend of technology in the world of C and. View All.

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