Mentoring Girls Topics Of Discussion Pdf

Mentoring girls topics of discussion pdf

This collection from TeachersFirst features resources to help teachers mentor students. Find tools to use in all grade levels. Here you will find tools to help students prepare for college or a future career, anti-violence tools, ways to empower girls, character building, and more.

Use these tools to coach, lead, teach, and mentor in your classroom and beyond. Close Link.

TeachersFirst's Mentoring

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Other Youth Topics

TeachersFirst's Mentoring. Grades 5 to Mapping the Road to College is an interactive tool for exploring college information based on 5th through 9th grade Measures of Academic Progress MAP scores and compared to median Here is the direct link to share this resource review. Mapping the Road to College is an interactive tool for exploring college information based on 5th through 9th grade Measures of Academic Progress MAP scores and compared to median ACT scores used for admission.

Use the provided tools to select the date of last MAP testing, score range for reading and math, and state. The interactive map displays college profiles including on-track MAP scores, popular majors, and admission information. Click on different colleges to view their profiles and additional economic information.

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Grades 3 to Manufacture Your Future offers STEM-based lessons, virtual field trips, and information about careers in the manufacturing industry.

Virtual field trips take viewers on tours of Alcoa Virtual field trips take viewers on tours of Alcoa plants featuring the use of robotics and the expertise of engineers and designers.

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Parent modules include information on facilitating conversations in careers at home. Lesson plans challenge students to design shoes, robots, and explore manufacturing careers. Grades 4 to Coaching Boys Into Men is a prevention program for athletic coaches to teach young men healthy relationship skills and that violence doesn't equal strength.

Tools include several downloads Tools include several downloads such as posters and step by step lessons to integrate into weekly training sessions. Grades 9 to ChatterHigh is a tool designed for high school students to investigate and discover career and college opportunities.

Each day students participate in a 10 minute quiz activity with Each day students participate in a 10 minute quiz activity with links to learning about different career programs. Students earn points through quiz answers to enter prize drawings.

Mentoring girls topics of discussion pdf

Explore bias through this series of videos from the New York Times. Using titles such as Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Racism, and Why We're Awkward, this series explores types of bias, how to address and change prejudices, and ways to address racism. Most videos run around 2 minutes in length, making them perfect for a short introduction to the topics addressed.

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Grades 6 to The site's online tools provide The site's online tools provide information to reach individual goals of college admission, vocational training, or certificate programs. Choose a grade level to learn more about steps to take along the way. Be sure also to check out content for finding financial aid as well as resources for parents and educators. Though this site focuses on Washington State colleges, most of the information will apply to any college and college applicant.

Mentoring girls topics of discussion pdf

Videos on the site reside on YouTube. If your district blocks YouTube, the videos may not be viewable. It is a national database of professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.

Browse through Browse through resources including community highlights and upcoming events or "like" their Facebook page to stay current with the latest information. Find a role model using keyword filters, ethnicity, the field of work, age range, and more. Contact role models using the contact form, if desired, to ask questions or learn more about their careers.

Create a new account and add yourself as a role model to serve as an inspiration to young women. Choose2Matter invites people to discover that what they do matters and to take action on their dreams and passions.

Find the First 20 Days as a guide to students becoming mentors and role models in their community. See the Manifesto challenging students to acknowledge and use the gifts and strengths within them.

Grades 2 to SheHeroes is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls from ages to dream big and pursue any interests regardless of gender. Articles feature well-known and everyday Articles feature well-known and everyday females that serve as inspiration for young girls. Choose the Features link to browse articles by categories such as engineering and sports.

The video link offers several short videos of prominent women discussing how they have grown in their careers.

Mentoring girls topics of discussion pdf

Each includes a link to discussion questions for further exploration. If your district blocks YouTube, the videos may not be viewable; be sure to look at alternatives for sharing the videos on classroom computers. Grades K to Keith Hughes' playlist includes 27 videos geared toward new teachers containing practical advice and tips in an entertaining way.

Most videos run ten minutes or less making them easy to watch and share. If your district blocks YouTube, then they may not be viewable.

Grades 6 to 8. This site offers an interactive look at three broad career fields: health care, the performing arts, and television production.

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Each field has activities, profiles of real people who Each field has activities, profiles of real people who work in the field, and an overview of the work environment. While it's certainly not a comprehensive career guidance site, it's engaging and will help students understand the possibilities for jobs within these fields. This resource requires Adobe Flash.

Stay up to date with the best research and activities for children's emotional growth and well being. CYKE provides information to parents concerned about their child's emotional health.

A Mentor is...

Discover techniques to manage outbursts and emotional meltdowns. Learn about signs that might warn you to seek further help. There is also in-depth information on a range of medical topics.

Also, find interactive stories and games for younger children to explore, at The Land of Cyke. Find videos, a newsletter to subscribe to, a forum for discussion, and more to help support you as your learn how to better help the students in your life. Grades 7 to Do Something.

Additional Resources: Program and Meetings

By tapping into the web, television, mobile devices, and popular media, DoSomething. Explore this site for ideas for starting your own project and browse the many causes and volunteer opportunities already in your own area and beyond.

Help students discover ways to make a difference. There are suggestions, resources, and support to empower young people and give them the energy to take action and make a difference.

Whether their passion is to feed the homeless, end bullying, help even the playing field of educational inequalities, or many more needy causes, this website is chock full of easy to access information and strategies that encourage teenagers to decide for themselves how they can contribute their time and desire to make a difference. The interface is modern and will appeal to students who appreciate a multi-media The interface is modern and will appeal to students who appreciate a multi-media approach to learning things.

Mentoring girls topics of discussion pdf

There is a database of videos about various careers, a career survey which requires registration and login to get the results , and a whole collection of stories about career exploration. You can also access podcasts about careers here, and post comments and read others' posts. While the site may be useful as one of several career exploration sites out there, be aware that there are social networking aspects which involve user-generated posts and content; preview carefully before deciding whether to bookmark this site or recommend it to students.

This collection of downloadable, printable pdfs for K teachers covers a wide range of topics for managing crisis and traumatic experiences among children and teens. The Crisis Management The Crisis Management Institute provides fee-based training and support services for schools, but they offer these downloads for free, as long as users abide by copyright restrictions in printing them exactly as-is and NOT excerpting or adapting content.

The downloads are written for different audiences: teachers, parents, administrators, and counselors, and cover many topics of school violence, terrorism, grief, trauma, suicide, school crisis management, Hurricane aftermath, helping displaced students, and more. The printable section is searchable, as well.