Generate Pdf From Html Using Itextsharp Html

Generate pdf from html using itextsharp html

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how to dynamically generate pdf file from html in C# using ItextSharp ?

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. HTML is intended to convey higher level information such as paragraphs and tables. Although there are methods to control it, it is ultimately up to the browser to draw these higher level concepts. PDF is intended to convey documents and the documents must "look" the same wherever they are rendered.

A PDF file, however, must be independent of the rendering device, so regardless of your screen size it must always render exactly the same. Because of the musts above, PDF doesn't support abstract things like "tables" or "paragraphs".

How to **Create or Generate PDF** using iTextSharp in Project - Format 01

There are other things like annotations and movies but I'm trying to keep it simple here. In a PDF you don't say "here's a paragraph, browser do your thing! Instead you say, "draw this text at this exact X,Y location using this exact font and don't worry, I've previously calculated the width of the text so I know it will all fit on this line".

Generate pdf from html using itextsharp html

You also don't say "here's a table" but instead you say "draw this text at this exact location and then draw a rectangle at this other exact location that I've previously calculated so I know it will appear to be around the text".

That's it. If you get an exception saying The document has no pages or you think that "iText isn't parsing my HTML" it is almost definite that you don't actually have HTML , you only think you do.

XMLWorker can be more complicated sometimes but those complications also make it more extensible. Below is C code that shows how to parse HTML tags into iText abstractions that get automatically added to the document that you are working on.

ASP.NET : How to Generate PDF from HTML with iTextSharp

C and Java are very similar so it should be relatively easy to convert this. Example 2 is the same as the first except it uses XMLWorker instead. Example 3 also parses the simple CSS example.

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As this answer showed , the W3C standard css-break-3 will solve the problem It is a Candidate Recommendation with plan to turn into definitive Recommendation this year, after tests. As not-so-standard there are solutions, with plugins for C , as showed by print-css.

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Edit : adding sample code: ASPX page:. You can download the sample file. Just place the html you want to convert in the files folder and run. It will automatically generate the pdf file and place it in the same folder. But in your case, you can specify your html path in the htmlFileName variable.

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Learn more. Asked 5 years, 5 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed k times. Chris Haas Chris Haas Net you might Response. BinaryWrite them. Combine Environment. GetFolderPath Environment.

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Desktop , "test. Very nice example. Nov 5 '14 at Document ". The project where I'm using iTextSharp already had a Document class and I had to dig through the iTextSharp namespace to correct the reference. What should this be changed to? In case anyone is looking for solution to iTextSharp. Black; PendingOrdersGV.

Gray; PendingOrdersGV. Text ; PendingOrdersGV. ClearContent ; Response. AddHeader "content-disposition", attachment ; Response. AddStyleAttribute "font-size", "8pt" ; htextw. A4, 5, 5, 15, 5 ; FontFactory.

GetFont "Tahoma", 50, iTextSharp. GetInstance document, Response. OutputStream ; document. Parse str ; document.

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Close ; Response. Thank you. Sam Sam 9 9 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges.

Generate pdf from html using itextsharp html

This code works properly. I would suggest that you post a question with your code to review and see where's the error. Also try to run your code from different browsers and see if you would be able to view the PDF or not. George Chakhidze George Chakhidze 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

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Other answers mention iText library too without noting its commercial nature , — You might want to nitpick them as well I dont nitpick. GetInstance document, stream ; writer. Register HttpContext. GetDefaultCssResolver true ; cssResolver. Parse stringReader ; document. Close ; HttpContext. View HttpContext. SetCacheability HttpCacheability. NoCache ; HttpContext. Jonas T Jonas T 2, 3 3 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges.

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Here's the link I used as a guide. Hope this helps!

Generate pdf from html using itextsharp html

Open, FileAccess. Write ex. A4 ; TestPDF. AddPage ; first. RenderPdf ; File. WriteAllBytes TargetFile. ToString , file ; iTextSharp. PdfReader TargetFile. Insert ModifiedFileName. Append , iTextSharp.

HTML to PDF using iTextSharp Library In ASP.NET

Close ; if File. Exists TargetFile. ToString File. Delete TargetFile. Remove ModifiedFileName. Length - 5, 1 ; File. Exists ModifiedFileName File.

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Harambe Attack Helicopter Harambe Attack Helicopter 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Ah, ok. It looks like some TestPDF. HtmlToPdfBuilder utility class is used here to do the actual conversion. How to create micro-interactions with react-spring: Part 1.

HTML convert to PDF using itextsharp

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Generate pdf from html using itextsharp html

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