Art Science And Technology Of Pharmaceutical Compounding Pdf Reader

Art science and technology of pharmaceutical compounding pdf reader

Art science and technology of pharmaceutical compounding pdf reader

LOYD V. Since the early 's, the practice of compounding has been experiencing renewed popularity as the benefits of individualized drug therapy are recognized. The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding , now in its third edition, contains 29 chapters and 9 appendixes.


A complete table of contents and index are also included. Over formulations are included throughout the text. Each formulation lists ingredients and gives specific steps for preparing the product.

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A separate listing of all sample formulations is located at the front of the text. The first 8 chapters of the text present an efficient overview and provide a quick reference on the following topics as related to compounding: guidelines, facilities, equipment, supplies, recordkeeping, product stability, calculations, quality control, flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservation, sterilization, and depyrogenation.

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Information new to this edition in these early chapters is limited and primarily reflects new and revised standards in terms of regulatory framework Chapter 1 , compounding ingredients Chapter 2 , and quality control Chapter 6. The vast majority of information presented in these 14 chapters, including the sample formulations, remains unchanged from the previous edition.

A section on commercial bases used in compounding has been added to Chapter New and revised standards have been included with parenteral preparations Chapter Also, the standard operating procedures SOP and documentation procedures have been removed from each individual chapter and are combined in one central location in Appendix II.

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The next 3 chapters Chapters were included in the previous edition, but new sections have been included in this revision. For example, short sections on nanotechnology and pharmacogenomics have been added to Chapter A section on phonophoresis including 6 sample ultrasound formulations has been added to Chapter 24, and information on veterinary transdermal therapy has been added to Chapter Along with valuable information, 25 sample formulations are included in the Cosmetics chapter and 31 sample formulations are included in the Compounding for Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters chapter.

Art science and technology of pharmaceutical compounding pdf reader

In addition to these new chapters, there are 3 new appendices included in this edition that include information on using weight-related conversion factors, allowable endotoxin levels in parenteral preparations, and disinfecting agents used in compounding pharmacies.

The detail, magnitude, and scope of information presented and the very organized and methodical presentation format used throughout the text is impressive and makes this reference very user friendly.

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The overall strength of this reference is on extemporaneous product preparation of non-parenteral dosage forms. Revisions to this edition have been noted to inform those individuals with a second edition copy of specific changes to the reference. Overall, this reference is a valuable tool for pharmacists involved at any level with compounding, as well as instructors and doctor of pharmacy students involved with courses focused on non-parenteral extemporaneous preparations.

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Art science and technology of pharmaceutical compounding pdf reader

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Art science and technology of pharmaceutical compounding pdf reader

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