Age Of Exploration Quiz Pdf To Word

Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

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Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 1 Explanation:.

Age of Exploration

Question 2. They were curious about whether or not the world was round. They were seeking an oversea trade route to Asia. They wanted to become allies with Western Hemisphere natives. They were looking to relocate their European empires to a new continent.

Question 2 Explanation:. Trade with Asia was very profitable for Europeans, however it was also very dangerous. The early trade routes were fraught with danger of being robbed or succumbing to harsh environmental obstacles. As a result, there was much to be gained by finding a safer, more direct route. Question 3. Which of the following played a key role in the European Age of Exploration that emerged in the 15th and 16th centuries?

Age of Exploration Quiz

New lands with the possibility for European expansion. An interest in developing a sea route to Asia for trade. Question 3 Explanation:.

Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

The combination of better ships, better navigation techniques, and the possibilities for economic gain drew European rulers to the New World in the 15th and 16th centuries. The potential rewards of successful expeditions had, for the first time, proved to outweigh the risks. Question 4. Christopher Columbus sailed for the New World on behalf of which European country?

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Question 4 Explanation:. Though Christopher Columbus was a Genoan, he was unable to receive support for his expedition to North America from his home country. Question 5. To establish permanent colonies in the New World.

Age of Exploration, Word History

Question 5 Explanation:. Columbus's second voyage was a mission of colonization and exploration. He was given 17 ships and over 1, men.

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He also brought domesticated animals, including horses, pigs, and cattle. His orders were to expand the settlement on Hispaniola, convert natives to Christianity, and continue his search for Japan and China.

Question 6. It established peace between the Spanish in North America and their neighboring native cultures. It ended a long-standing military conflict between Spain and Portugal. It was created to avoid conflicts between Catholic Church and the Church of England. It created a boundary line to divide the land discovered in the New World between Spain and Portugal.

Question 6 Explanation:.

Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

The Treaty of Tordesillas played a pivotal role in the future colonization of the New World. Following the discovery of the New World by Columbus, the Spanish and Portuguese were both eager to stake claims in the territory.

The Treaty of Tordesillas was put in place to avoid potential disputes over land claims. Question 7.

Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

Question 7 Explanation:. The Spanish did not need to have superior numbers to defeat the native cultures since they had significant advantages in technology and tactics. The inability of the native cultures to work together against the strength of the European weapons would inevitably be a key part of their collective downfall.

Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

Question 8. Which of the following European explorers was the first to complete an eastern all-sea route to Asia? Question 8 Explanation:. He arrived safely in Calicut, India the following year becoming the first European to complete such a journey. Question 9. Question 9 Explanation:. Question His expedition sought to find gold as well as the fabled Fountain of Youth in the land now known as Florida.

Question 10 Explanation:. Augustine, the first European military fort on the North American mainland.

The Age of Exploration

Question 11 Explanation:. Instead, he wound up travelling and mapping the North American coastline from Nova Scotia to the Carolinas. Which Spanish explorer perished before he could complete his part in the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe?

Question 12 Explanation:. Magellan underestimated the length of his journey and his crew suffered greatly because of his miscalculation. Magellan himself was killed in a conflict with a tribe he and his men encountered in the Philippines. Which conquistador conquered the Aztec Empire? Question 13 Explanation:. What happened to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan?

It was taken over by invading Inca armies and renamed. Historians are uncertain about the fate of Tenochtitlan. Question 14 Explanation:. Which conquistador conquered the Inca Empire?

Question 15 Explanation:. Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who led the expedition that conquered the Inca Empire, in what is now Peru.

In he captured and killed the Incan emperor Atahualpa, and claimed the lands for Spain. Which of the following best describes an encomienda?

A Spanish colonial plantation system that relied on forced Native American labor.

A Spanish religious outpost designed to convert Native Americans to Christianity. Question 16 Explanation:. Encomiendas were plantation estates that were marked by cruel treatment and harsh working conditions for the Native Americans forced to labor within them. One of their main goals was to provide a launching point to spread the beliefs and doctrines of the Catholic Church to the native populations.

Question 17 Explanation:. Missions were set up primarily for their religious purposes, but they were sometimes used for additional functions involving agriculture, trade, and defense. Who is the English sea captain known for raiding Spanish colonies and being the first captain to successfully circumnavigate the globe? Question 18 Explanation:. In , while serving as the vice admiral of the English fleet, Drake defeated the powerful Spanish Armada.

What was the primary purpose of the Spanish colonies there were established in North America in the early s? To foster friendship between Spaniards and Native Americans.

To establish religious freedom for Spaniards fleeing Europe. Question 19 Explanation:. As a result, many of the native civilizations in Central and South America were plundered and subjected to immense cultural pressure to conform to tenets of the Roman Catholic faith.

Question 20 Explanation:. The Native Americans who were forced to work for the Spanish colonies died off at alarming rates due to disease and poor treatment. To replace these workers, Spain began importing Africans to be used as slave laborers in the New World, thus beginning the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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Age of exploration quiz pdf to word

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