Types Of Marketing Strategy Pdf File

Types of marketing strategy pdf file

Marketing Strategies Checklist Example

Product Solutions Pricing Blog. Login Try Free. Marketing is an important type of every business. Without marketing, any company would surely fail.

10 Types of Marketing Styles

However, there are so many types of marketing strategies, and here, you can find 15 different strategies you can apply to your company. Simply said, test different strategies and check what works best for you. When I say social media marketing, I mean promoting your brand organically and promoting the brand by paid posts ads both. The following photo shows how much time an average American spend on social networks.

As you can see, the Americans usually spend the most time on Facebook, and after that comes Tumblr and Instagram come.

Types of marketing strategy pdf file

Keep in mind that the owner of Instagram is Facebook, so we can say that Facebook still dominates. Finally, the best practice of social media strategy is to create a plan, and after that implement the plan.

One of the ways to do it is marketing automation.

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Now, there are different reasons for cart abandonment. The photo above tells us that unexpected shipping costs are the main reason.

Types of marketing strategy pdf file

But also, payment security concern is very important. Finally, I want to say that this is just one idea, and there are many other ways of leveraging marketing automation. Sending newsletters will increase the authority of your brand and it will increase the number of conversions.

13+ Sample Marketing Strategy Templates

Email marketers think the biggest challenge is earning new subscribers and increasing open rates. I know that sounds easy, but blogging is what you need to do. But or or will, and very few people are willing to commit to that. Keep in mind that most emails are opened on mobile devices which mean that you need to make sure your newsletter design is mobile ready.

But not only that. Your website should be responsive because one of the Google ranking factors is responsivity. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. Now, I want to show you few examples of guerilla marketing.

For example, creating an infographic is a type of guerilla marketing.

Types of Marketing Strategies and Definition

Marketers should try to increase the number of followers as much as possible. Well, hashtags have effects on retweets, which always will increase the organic reach of your tweets, and finally, make sure you get new followers. Furthermore, there are hours that are most popular to tweet. For example, the time between 12 p.

CET is the time when you should always tweet. If your content writer publishes 3 articles per week, I will be free and say that he or she will write between and articles in a year 45 - 50 working weeks. Instead, small businesses let users generate content. There are many forms of user generated content, but guest blogging is surely the most important.

Content marketers like it because it makes the link building process much easier. Every few days, I get a guest blogging request. In fact, whenever a user searches for a product or service, Google displays ads related to the searched term.

One tactic that marketers focus is writing an eBook. Firstly, find keywords that are very cheap. For example, keywords related to fashion trends are cheap and they have a solid search volume.

Next, write an eBook about trends and drive traffic to the landing page. If you get a conversion rate of 2. But, this all depends on your CLV and how much an average customer is worth to you.

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The visitor simply leaves the site. Preciously, almost 2M people uses Google AdSense which tells you that almost every site significant site that you open has AdSense.

It lets you target users who visited your site while searching for the specific phrase. But only people who have visited your site before, and who are already familiar with your services or site.

Interviews are a pure ego building strategy. Open a site like Followerwonk and enter a phrase related to your business. For example, if you work in the digital marketing industry, you can type content marketing. Next, carefully pick a user and shoot a message. When you publish an interview, you can expect that the influencer will share it across different social networks. Now, I want to discuss organizational goals of content marketing.

Have you ever asked yourself why marketers like content marketing?

Types of marketing strategy pdf file

Why they spend such a large amounts on content marketing? Most of them do that because of lead generation.

Sample Strategic Marketing Plan

After that, sales, lead nurturing and brand awareness come. Instead, the only type of marketing strategy they focus is - word of mouth. According to ReferalCany , recommendations from friends is the top trusted sources.

Online consumer opinions are the next trusted source. Here, I want to say something very important.

15 Different Types of Marketing Strategies You Must Try

Negative reviews on Facebook may hurt your business. As you could read, the hotel minimized the risk of hurting the business.

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This is a great opportunity, but you need to follow Facebook Community Standards. Surely, one of the best examples is email personalization. Email personalization will help you increase open rates which may be significant when you send dozens of thousands of emails.

The trick with sending personalized messages is that you need to collect as much as possible information about your subscribers. In other words, you need to find a sweet spot which will help you collect more information about your visitors, but not too much, because visitors are not interested in filling too many fields.

Finally, I just want to say that almost every email marketing app will let you send personalized emails. For example, interest based is the technique that marketers use the most. After that, marketers segment customers by demographics, and recent open or link click activity. This is a classical example where segmentation helps you. Also, you can target your email subscribers by using Google AdWords lists.

Types of marketing strategy pdf file

Mass marketing is always good for branding, but I found it very expensive. Print a unique short bit. Direct marketing has its cons too. For example, one big con of email marketing is that there are regulations email marketing specialists need to follow.

Transactional Marketing

Next, there might be deliverability issues, competitiveness issues, and so on. As for off-page factors, there you have an only indirect impact. Of course, links are still the most important ranking factor. For example, if a user searches for shoes, there will be really high competitiveness, but on the other side, if a user searches for red Nike men running shoes, there will be less competitive.

AIDA Marketing Strategies - How to Tell a Story that Sells

Why does that happen? It happens because head terms have high search volume, and marketers spend large amounts on ranking for those terms, but you should do the opposite thing.

Conclusion I hope you enjoyed reading about these marketing strategies. You can always find some keywords that are not expensive, but profitable. What marketing strategies have you tried in your company and which are proved to be the best? Share in the comments. Jellymetrics d.