Types Of Assets Pdf Files

Types of assets pdf files

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Types of assets pdf files

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Supported Raster image formats Raster image formats supported for asset management features are as follows:. Depending on the settings, the merged image may or may not be the actual image.

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The support for EPS files applies to raster images only. For example, thumbnail generation for EPS vector images is not supported by default.

Supported Raster Image Formats

To add support, configure ImageMagick. To integrate third-party tools to enable additional capabilities, see Command line based Media Handler.

Types of assets pdf files

Adobe recommends using the PDF Rasterizer library for the following:. Supported Image Transcoding library The Adobe Imaging Transcoding library is an image processing solution that performs core image-handling functions, such as, encoding, transcoding, resampling, and resizing.

See Imaging Transcoding Library. See Camera Raw Support. Supported document formats Document formats supported for asset management features are as follows:.

Audio File

Supported multimedia formats. Supported input video formats for Dynamic Media Transcoding Video file extension. Supported archive formats The supported archive formats and the applicability of the common DAM workflows, is covered in the following table.

Types of assets pdf files

Other supported formats The applicability of common DAM workflows for a few other file formats is described in the table below. AEM can detect it from the contents of the files.

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Yes No. The default jobParam applies to all image mime type assets.