Tau Apocalypse Datasheets Pdf To Jpg

Tau apocalypse datasheets pdf to jpg

Tau apocalypse datasheets pdf to jpg

These divisions were created by Commander Puretide who was forced to pull back a large number of troops that were engaged with the Imperial military. The Fire Warriors at the forefront of this assault lacked mobility, which was why Puretide created a unit which employed the use of Devilfish Transports in order to redeploy their cadres. This allowed stranded Fire Warriors to be picked up and brought to bear on more critical positions, allowing the soldiers to fire on the Imperial Guard Regiments that were assaulting the Tau.

Tau apocalypse datasheets pdf to jpg

This resulted in not only the Fire Warriors being saved, but allowing them to be redeployed to assault important strategic locations on the battlefield.

They became a formal part of the Tau military forces which snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Tau apocalypse datasheets pdf to jpg

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