String Manipulation In C++ Pdf Libraries

String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

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I'm sorry for flaming std::string and std::wstring. They are quite limited and far from being thread safe.

String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

Performance wise, they are not that good too. I miss simple features:. The library is designed to be easy to use and integrate within existing code.

String and Character Manipulation

I'm not sure I agree. Strings really shouldn't be thread-safe due to the overhead, except for reference-counting, if applicable. Most of the other functionality you want would turn strings into a garbage barge. Likewise, removing dependencies would remove their ability to work well with streams.

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The one thing I'd suggest is that we could benefit from an immutable string class, particularly one that has no memory ownership or termination. I've written those before and they can be very helpful.

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Bstring - Although I never tried it myself, the feature set and speed presented at their site. I found wxString convenient to use and it has many features. Although it is part of a bigger library wxWidgets and maybe just too big when you just want to use strings.

It also works without GUI components when you just use wxBase which contains the wxString and a 'few' other components.


EDIT: here is a link to the documentation. It accepts the standard functions of std::string and also a few others. And it is really well documented. I highly recommend to use ICU 's UnicodeString , as it support all common string manipulation functions, as well as i18n support.

Don't know what ICU is? Here is an extract from Wikipedia :. ICU is widely portable to many operating systems and environments. I also believe you can initialize a vector of char's with an std::string, but that is conjecture. Learn more.

String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

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String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

Viet Viet John T John T Thanks John. I've done my homework before posting here.

String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

It's neither simple nor intuitive. I failed the splitting feature because it doesn't have an option to return empty strings. Ahh, you beat me!


I would also add that there are a variety of other Boost libraries related to string manipulation besides the string algorithms. Here's a link boost. Viet so you have already taken a look at this, or is it helpful to you? I can assure there are more boost libs as pointed out by Token for string manipulation than just the algorithms.

You could also roll your own function to process strings and check if they are empty before continuing on to one of these functions. Yeah, probably. But I find QString simpler and more intuitive. Thanks anyway. I wouldn't say that Boost in any way has a "small footprint". The library has the following capabilities: Generic string tokenizer and token iterators Split routines User specified delimiter and splitter policies simple and regex based etc.

Conversions between data and hex and base In-place removal and replace routines Wild-card matching and globing Fast 2D token grid processing Extensible string processing templates and plenty more Samuel Harmer 3, 4 4 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges.

Strings and String Manipulation in C++

Matthieu N. Good find. Thanks : I'll have a look. Steven Sudit Steven Sudit Thanks Steven. But string manipulation really bugs me. My point being that scripting languages have different goals than general purpose languages. A scripting language such as PHP actively encourages piling on functionality until a class becomes a garbage barge, in the name of convenience.

C++ Standard Library

With a GPL, there's so much functionality that you absolutely need to organize it so that it doesn't become overwhelming.

This has recently gotten some down-votes.

String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

While that's certainly your right, I was curious as to what the reason might be. Also, the name suggests it's better so how can they lie?

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LiraNuna LiraNuna Hsieh also wrote SuperFastHash which, it turns out, is not so fast. Murmur2 is faster and better distributed. Thank you for your suggestion, rve! Please note: the wxBase library can be used without wxWidgets. I know this because, 18 years ago, I was part of the reason that happened. Benoit Blanchon Benoit Blanchon 8, 2 2 gold badges 46 46 silver badges 54 54 bronze badges. For conversion, you can always break down and use the C library cstdlib.

Sure, but that's awkward. I'm not sure what you mean. What do you mean in the string itself?

Strings in C++ - C-Style strings vs String Class in C++

Oh, case insensitive. Well, my solution would be to simply copy the string, convert it to lower with the appropriately named tolower function in a loop, manipulate it, and make the same manipulations to the copied string.

You're right, it's convoluted, but it works. Yes or at least dedicated set of functions to do so. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

C string manipulation programs/examples without using Library Functions

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String manipulation in c++ pdf libraries

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