Stay Awake Mary Poppins Pdf Script

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

Mary Poppins is a musical with music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. The musical is based on the similarly titled Mary Poppins children's books by P. Travers and the Disney film , and is a fusion of various elements from the two, including songs from the film. A Broadway production with a near-identical creative team opened in November , with only minor changes from the West End version.

The original Broadway production closed in March , after 2, performances.

Touring and international productions followed. The musical has become a popular choice for schools and community theatres to produce. In , theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh met P. Travers and acquired the rights to develop a stage play adaptation of her Mary Poppins books.

She only agreed to a stage production as long as the creators were all English, and no one who had worked on the Disney film adaptation. She died in In , Mackintosh and Thomas Schumacher , head of Disney Theatrical , opened talks on a possible collaboration, so that the stage play would be able to use the songs from the Disney film.

With both sides committed, a preliminary outline of the show was written in Around this time, songwriters George Stiles and Anthony Drewe heard about the project, and independently wrote a demo version of a new introductory song for the character of Mary, titled "Practically Perfect".

They submitted the song to Mackintosh, and due to his positive response, were officially brought on to the creative team. Julian Fellowes was brought on to write the show's script because of his "clear understanding of the social niceties of the English class system that prevailed in the Edwardian era ". An experienced production team was assembled, including Sir Richard Eyre , multi award-winning director of film, theatre and opera; and Bob Crowley , a theatre designer who has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company , the National Theatre , the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera.

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

Crowley also has six Tony Awards for various Broadway productions. A workshop of the show was held at the end of at the rehearsal room at London's Old Vic Theatre , using the cast of My Fair Lady , which had just closed in the West End.

Cameron Mackintosh 's stage adaptation of Mary Poppins had its world premiere at the Bristol Hippodrome starting with previews from September 15, , before officially opening on September 18 for a limited engagement until November 6.

The production then moved to the Prince Edward Theatre on December 15, , making it the only Disney musical to have premiered in the UK. The show sparked mild controversy not long after its debut when producers Cameron Mackintosh and Thomas Schumacher banned children below 3 years old from entering the theatre, deeming the show too scary for young children.

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The show was officially tagged as being "for children seven years and up". On March 17, , Julie Andrews , who played Mary Poppins in the film , visited the show as a guest.

She appeared onstage during the curtain calls, where she gave a speech recalling her own memories from making the film and praising the cast for their new interpretation.

Stay Awake - Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews)

Following the success of the West End production, a Broadway production debuted on November 16, , at the New Amsterdam Theatre after previews from October Ashley Brown played the title role, and Gavin Lee , who had originated the role of Bert in the West End production, reprised his role on Broadway. Daniel H. Christian Borle joined the cast the same day as Bert.

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

The Broadway production differed from the London production in that the " Jolly Holiday " sequence was staged in full technicolour instead of the gray tones of the London show, and in "Anything Can Happen" the stairs to the heavens were replaced by a giant version of Mary's umbrella entering from the stage floor.

These changes were later transferred back to the West End production. Most recently, A new song has been added to the score, titled "Playing the Game". This replaces the already new "Temper, Temper" in the first act.

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This change has been added to all current and future productions of the show. The Broadway production received generally positive reviews, ranging from enthusiastic [12] to lukewarm. The production closed on March 3, , after more than six years and 2, performances on Broadway, to make way for Disney's Aladdin.

For the touring productions of the show, designer Bob Crowley changed the sets, making the Banks' Household smaller in size, and deleting numerous intermediate scenes, so that smaller theatres could accommodate the large-scale demands of the production.

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The UK Tour became the show's last production to include "Temper, Temper" before it was replaced by "Playing the Game" in future productions. On November 15, , during the opening night in Los Angeles, Dick Van Dyke who played Bert in the film appeared onstage during the encore. Dawes Sr. Nicolas Dromard, who previously understudied the role of Bert on Broadway, took over the role from September until September National tour played its last performance on June 2, , in Anchorage, Alaska.

On 14 September , it was announced that a West End revival would open in autumn , returning to the Prince Edward Theatre 11 years after the original production had closed there.

The revival opened on October 23, in previews, officially on November Monaghan as Admiral Boom Barry James was originally due to play this part but he left before the first preview for reasons unknown. Over eleven million people have seen the show worldwide. The first foreign-language production opened on October 18, at the Gothenburg opera house , where it ran until March 14, Verity Hunt-Ballard was awarded the role of Mary Poppins late in the casting stage, after a long search.

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An Australian Cast Recording was released on February 18, After a four-month break, the production opened at the Civic Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand, from 18 October [48] until 30 December The first Japanese language production opened on March 25, in Tokyo before moving to Osaka in May Brill and their odd-job man, Robertson Ay. Things are not going well for Jane and Michael.

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

They are out of control and, as the show starts, their latest nanny, Katie Nanna, storms out. After that, Mrs. Brill and Robertson Ay complain about living in a "madhouse. Within moments, Mary Poppins arrives, restored advertisement in hand, and takes charge of the Banks children, having every confidence in her own qualifications and merits " Practically Perfect ".

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On the children's first outing to the park, they meet Bert and, despite their reservations, Mary teaches them that they must learn to look past appearances.

To illustrate the point, Mary brings the park statues, including a mythological figure named Neleus, to life " Jolly Holiday ". While Mary manages the children, other problems lie with their parents.

Winifred is aware that she is somehow disappointing both her children and her husband "Being Mrs Banks". George, on the other hand, can't understand why she finds the role of wife and mother so difficult "Cherry Tree Lane reprise ".

In an effort to please her husband, Winifred sends out invitations for a smart tea party. Brill makes the preparations, while telling an eager Robertson Ay to keep his hands off. The children inadvertently sabotage the kitchen preparations, but Mary sorts it out with a lesson " A Spoonful of Sugar ".

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

However, it is then revealed that none of the invitees are coming. Mary takes the children to visit their father at the bank where he works "Precision and Order". There, George is busy dealing with possible investment clients: firstly, an ambitious man named Herr Von Hussler with an elaborate money-making scheme, and then a middle-class man named John Northbrook with a simple factory project.

Mary Poppins (1964) Movie Script

George is furious when Mary turns up with the children, but an innocent question asked by Jane What's more important, a good man or a good idea? He then decides to accept Northbrook's project and rejects Von Hussler's, but unfortunately things take a turn for the worse afterwards.

Outside St. Jane is suspicious of her, but Michael responds to the Bird Woman and throws crumbs for the birds.

On the trip home, the children meet the enigmatic Mrs. Corry who runs a magic sweet shop that also sells words " Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ". The children return home in high spirits, unaware that things have gone wrong for their father.

Unknown to them, George's decision to reject Von Hussler has cost the bank dearly, and he is suspended without pay.

George explodes with rage at the children and they are sent to the nursery. Reacting to their father's outburst, Mary briefly points out that other members of the family are rarely there to take care of the parents, before Jane and Michael get into a fight over Jane's doll Valentine, prompting a displeased Mary to order them to bed and enchant them to sleep.

The frightening consequence of Jane's anger becomes apparent moments afterwards, as Valentine and the rest of Jane and Michael's disgruntled toys come to life and join Mary in teaching them a lesson in how to take better care of their belongings and toys formerly "Temper, Temper", now "Playing the Game".

Her distraught charges find a note saying that perhaps they will see Mary again eventually. In a misguided attempt to please her husband, Winifred arranges for his childhood nanny, Miss Andrew, to take over from the suddenly departed Mary "Cherry Tree Lane Reprise ".

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script

At the sight of her, a terrified George flees, exclaiming "the Holy Terror! Miss Andrew is a brutal and cruel tyrant , quick to administer her own terrible elixir "Brimstone and Treacle Part 1" and discipline by threatening to split Jane by taking over her and Michael up through boarding school.

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Terrified of their new nanny, the children escape to the park and find their good friend Bert, who cheers them up and helps Michael fulfill his dream of flying a kite " Let's Go Fly a Kite ". This marks the return of Mary.

Jane and Michael are thrilled to be reunited with her, and then quickly tell her of the changes that have gone on at Number Also hiding in the park is George, who is depressed over his supposed lack of achievements "Good For Nothing". Searching for him is Winifred, who at last understands her husband and the damage that was done to him by Miss Andrew "Being Mrs Banks Reprise ".

This leads to a confrontation between the two nannies, ending with Miss Andrew having a taste of her own medicine as she is put in a large birdcage and vanishes down below "Brimstone and Treacle Part 2".

Winifred and then George return at this point, surprised but pleased that Miss Andrew has "left". On their next adventure, Bert introduces the children to his friends the chimney sweeps " Step in Time ".

The sweeps' dance eventually enters the house, causing chaos.

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As the sweeps quickly exit, George receives a telegram from the bank requesting his presence there. George assumes that it is to seal his fate and decides it's time to sell the family heirloom. However, the vase is shattered accidentally by Mrs.

Brill, who goes into a despairing shock since she had been cleaning it from the top of the shelf. When she is being led away for comfort, George goes to clean the broken pile himself, to find it reveal a collection of gingerbread stars from his childhood. After shaking hands with Bert, George leaves to meet the Chairman of the Bank.

Stay awake mary poppins pdf script