Spiral Wound Gasket Dimensions Pdf To Jpg

Spiral wound gasket dimensions pdf to jpg

The 'Gasket ID' table provides the actual inside diameter.


The 'Winding OD' table provides the distance from the gasket ID to the outside diameter of the sealing element. See drawing. Nominal Pipe Size, Inches.

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The metal strip is pre-formed with a chevron, or V-shaped profile, which allows the winding to act as a spring between the flanges. Further, the metal strip provides the basic structural element for the gasket while the non-metallic filler material seals small imperfections on the flange surfaces.

About Flexitallic

As a general rule, thin fillers and higher winding pressures are used to produce higher-pressure gaskets. Also, the specification requires a minimum of 3 welds on both the gasket I. The sealing element is nominally. The purpose of the outer ring is threefold: 1.

Spiral wound gasket dimensions pdf to jpg

Centers the gasket in the flange assembly, 2. Provides radial strength to prevent gasket blowout, 3. Acts as a compression stop, preventing flange overtightening.

Spiral wound gasket dimensions pdf to jpg

We stock large quantities. Nominal gasket thickness is.

Spiral wound gasket dimensions pdf to jpg

Winding Material. Edge Color.

Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturing: VSP Technologies, Virginia, aka Flexitallic

Filler Material. Edge Stripe.

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Gasket I. Winding O. Nominal Pipe Size. Centering Ring Gasket O.