Spine At Risk Signs Pdf Printer

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

The incidence of osteo-articular tuberculosis is on the rise in both the developed and developing world.

How to Tell If Your Spine Is Misaligned, and What to Do About It

Spinal tuberculosis remains as the commonest cause of kyphotic deformity in many parts of the world. This problem is accentuated in children in whom the deformity can worsen even after the disease has healed. Children who had significant worsening of the deformity were studied in detail. Some children developed a very severe deformity with a high risk of neurological deficit and a new terminology called 'Buckling Collapse' was introduced to describe this problem.

Four radiographic signs called the "Spine at Risk Signs" were proposed which helped to identify children who had a higher risk of developing severe deformities. The data obtained from the FEM study was correlated with the data available from the year longitudinal clinico-radiological study that has been completed in Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. Finite element model allows investigations on the relationship between the extent of vertebral destruction, the location and level of lesion and the resulting deformity of the spine.

The mechanical basis of deformity initiation and progression was ascertained.

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The data obtained from this study can be used to formulate treatment guidelines and define surgical indications to prevent progressive deformity. Finite element model of the spine demonstrating the "buckling collapse" of the spine due to vertebral body loss from tuberculosis. Similarly in adult spinal tuberculosis, our studies on the role of chemotherapy and the indications for surgery have received widespread acceptance.

The natural history of the disease in the lumbo-sacral vertebra and the good results achieved with chemotherapy were described through a 15 year follow-up study. Though spinal tuberculosis is predominantly an anterior disease, the role of posterior alone surgeries was analysed and presented.

Research Work on Spinal Tuberculosis

In severe kyphotic deformities, the technique of posterior only closing opening wedge osteotomy was recently presented. Pre-operative and post-operative clinical pictures and lateral radiographs of a patient with post tubercular kyphotic deformity corrected by osteotomy. View Certification. Home Home. About Us.

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

Why Choose Ganga. Press Release.

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Ganga Hand Injury Support Group The support group to help rehabilitate the hand injured patients was inaugurated Freedom from Pain.

Natural history of Spinal tuberculoisis. Management Concepts.

Spinal Tuberculosis

Natural history of Spinal Tuberculosis. Deformity progression in childhood spinal tuberculosis. The increase in deformity is limited to the active stage of the disease during which time consolidation and healing occurred.

There is no additional change in deformity after 18 months.

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

The progress of deformity in spinal tuberculosis in children is variable during the period of growth even after complete resolution of the disease. Five distinct patterns of progress were observed.

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

Rajasekaran S. Inflammatory Disorders of Spine" I st Edition. Chapter Edited by S.

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

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J Bone and Joint Surg. Cited by Rajasekaran S. Tuberculosis of Spine.

Signs, Symptoms and Risk

Edited by N. Volume 2: Pg No: —, Spine At Risk Signs. The facet joint separates at the apex of the curve, causing instability and loss of alignment. The posterior retropulsion of the diseased vertebral segment is identified by drawing two lines along the posterior surfaces of the first upper and lower normal vertebra.

Lateral translation is confirmed when the line drawn through the middle of the pedicle of the lower vertebra does not touch the pedicle of the superior vertebra.

Brain Tumor Facts

Tilt or toppling has occurred when the line drawn along the anterior surface of the lower normal vertebra intersects above the middle of the anterior surface of the upper vertebra.

Buckling collapse of spine in childhood spinal tuberculosis.

Spine at risk signs pdf printer

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. J Pediatr Orthop Vol 26, No.

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Spine at risk signs pdf printer

Cited by 50 Rajasekaran S, Shanmugasundaram T. Cited by Kishen in collaboration with Rush University, Chicago, Ilionois. Single-stage Closing-Opening Wedge Osteotomy of Spine to correct severe post-tubercular kyphotic deformities of the spine: a 3-year follow-up of 17 patients.

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Orthopaedics Plastic Surgery.