Sphyraena Viridensis Pdf To Word

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

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Sphyraena viridensis , the yellowmouth barracuda or yellow barracuda is a predatory ray finned fish from the family Sphyraenidae , the barracudas, which is found in the warmer waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is often confused with the European barracuda Sphyraena sphyraena.

Sphyraena viridensis has a long, fusiform body with a long, streamlined pointed snout which has a long mouth lined with two rows of sharp, fang-like teeth and a jutting lower jaw. There are no scales on the preoperculum , unlike S.

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There are numerous transverse dark bars on the dorsum and these are longer,extending below the lateral line, towards the head while in S.

The exact distribution of Sphyraena viridensis is unclear because of confusion with S.

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

In the Azores fish made up all of the diet and the most important species in the diet of Sphyraena viridensis was the bluejack mackerel Trachurus picturatus being found as having been preyed upon by Other species taken in this study included single examples of bogue Boops boops , ornate wrasse Thalassoma pavo and axillary sea bream Pagellus acarnae , as well as an unidentified species of the Exocoetidae.

In the same study the predatory behaviour of S. The pursuit was rapid and was usually over in 8—40 seconds and the more fish were involved the higher the rate of success was.

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

In these observations other fish species than those sampled from specimens were observed as prey e. In summer they form schools of up to fish, although most schools number fish, in areas where there are strong currents. These schools are predominantly made up of sub-adult fish with the smaller fish nearer to the surface and the larger, usually female, fish at the bottom of the school at depths of up to 30m. In winter the only aggregations are small groups of juveniles in shallow bays.

No territorial behaviour was observed. Schooling is thought to be an anti predator defence and to facilitate mating with the smaller males being attracted to the larger females, in addition groups of barracudas were more successful in hunting prey fish than single fish.

This species does not appear to mix with other barracuda species in mixed schools but there are reports of these fish associating with whale sharks in the Azores and an instance of them actively swimming towards a manta ray Mobula tarapacana.

In the Azores juveniles of Sphyraena viridensis are preyed upon by the lizard fish Synodus saurus , this predation shows that there is an overlap in habitat between the juvenile barracudas and the lizard fish which occur in sheltered, very enclosed bays with sandy substrates. Sphyraena viridensis is landed in small quantities in the eastern Mediterranean by fishermen using in trammel-nets and beach-seines.

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sphyraena viridensis Conservation status.

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

Cuvier , [2]. Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 14 January Annales, Series Historia Naturalis. Marine Species Identification Portal.

ETI Bioinformatics. Borba International Game Fish Association.

Sphyraena viridensis pdf to word

Barreiros; Frederico Cardigos; Marta S. Soares; Leonardo F. Machado Hidden categories: Articles with 'species' microformats.

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Barracuda (Sphyraena viridensis). DUO Tide Minnow Slim 175. 12.04.2016.

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