Sima Qian Records Of The Grand Historian Pdf

Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

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Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

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Description Shi ji Records of the grand historian , the first biographical general history of China, was compiled by Sima Qian, the Western Han historian, who devoted his entire life to this endeavor. The work records the events beginning with the legendary Yellow Emperor and ending with the first year BC of the Yuanshou reign of Han Wudi, covering around 3, years.

Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

It consists of chapters including: 12 basic annals, recording the words and deeds of individual emperors or of individual dynasties; 10 tables, listing one genealogical and nine chronological royal lineages, reigns, personalities, and important events; eight monographs, describing the historical evolution of systems of astronomy, geography, rites and music, military and financial administration, and so forth; and 30 hereditary houses, with earlier chapters containing historical accounts of the leading states, such as Shang and Zhou, and later chapters on Han containing biographies of outstanding men in Chinese history.

Presented here is an edition dated the seventh year of the Qiandao reign of Southern Song, printed by Cai Mengbi at his printing house Dongshu. Juan 43 is a facsimile of a Song handwritten copy, printed by book collector Yang Baoyi in the first year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing.

Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

The commentaries are scattered within the text of Shi ji. Cai Mengbi was a famous publisher of Jianyang during the Southern Song.

Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

The writing style is powerful and elegant. It also includes an inscription by Ji Zhenyi. Author Sima, Qian, approximately B.

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Pei, Yin, active Sima, Zhen, approximately Date Created Language Chinese. Place East Asia China.

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Type of Item Books. Physical Description 30 volumes : stitch-bound ; Notes Only prefaces, table of contents and juan are included in the WDL presentation.

Sima Qian, China's Grand Historian

Institution National Library of China. Other items from this partner National Library of China.

Sima qian records of the grand historian pdf

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