Program Ar Manualmente El Color Play 3

Program ar manualmente el color play 3

This page contains full OTA update packages that allow you to restore your Nexus or Pixel device's original factory firmware.

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You will find these files useful if you have experienced a failure to take an OTA. This has the same effect as flashing the corresponding factory image, but without the need to wipe the device or unlock the bootloader. These files are for use only on your personal Nexus or Pixel device and may not be disassembled, decompiled, reverse engineered, modified or redistributed by you or used in any way except as specifically set forth in the license terms that came with your device.

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Downloading of the system image and use of the device software is subject to the Google Terms of Service. To update a device using one of the OTA images below, you need the latest adb tool. Don't forget to either add adb to your PATH environment variable or change into the directory containing the executable.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Home Guides Reference Downloads. Terms and conditions Downloading of the system image and use of the device software is subject to the Google Terms of Service. Updating instructions To update a device using one of the OTA images below, you need the latest adb tool. Download the appropriate update image for your device below.

Verify the checksum of the image: the OTA mechanism has a built-in validation feature, but verifying will save you some time if the file is incomplete. The last portion of the filename is the first 8 digits of its SHA checksum; the full SHA checksum is also shown next to the download link. With the device powered on and USB debugging enabled, execute: adb reboot recovery If you're unable to use adb to reboot into recovery, you can use the key combination for your device instead, and then select the Recovery option from the bootloader menu.

The device is now in recovery mode and an Android logo with red exclamation mark should appear on screen. To access the recovery menu, hold the Power button and press Volume Up once. The recovery text menu will appear. To enter sideload mode, select the option Apply update from ADB.

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Run the following command: adb devices and check that your device shows up with "sideload" next to its name. Once the update finishes, reboot the phone by choosing Reboot system now.

For security, you should disable USB debugging when the device is not being updated. C4, Oct Link 2ddbbbd60f90b79cee6fd5da64ac3ac A3, Nov Link c11bb7e0bc0c9ef9be88cc4ee3fa07a7ab9e4abd68bba C2, Nov Link 9d4e3d4c8ddb8a2b3dd3f3cbbb0da5ff5bcb39 A1, Dec Link 03fbeaf62c1ccced4dfe7c4bf C4, Oct Link ebdfa7bc1de02fd7ebcf5baae5fd5e A3, Nov Link 16c9be53cad96dfc7d4d4e5dbf7b7aeb2d9fd24bdcdc1 C2, Nov Link cfdbc7f5b9adea74ac0c3fddad9b97d9cb A1, Dec Link 59de0d4da19f01ddfd0e6acef8ccbbf C3, Sep Link ba58d9ebde75c9ebda88efbffa33bd2a93e66a68 C3, Sep Link aaaebf26fdcaef66bafdaf39db4de86eaa9 A1, Nov Link febc3ca8b5b58addeecb62dcda40cfaf03e6c 9.

Program ar manualmente el color play 3

A1, Dec , Docomo Link dc9bc2ab4e54a3cf6eccbb89b2a30aaf7 9. A1, Jun , Verizon Link ae5acbcc92dda4eb8f98c3bcaca0fe6ac72e 9. C3, Sep Link 7aca6abe01baf7a8b94dcb65cffc2bf8 A1, Nov Link 7fceafcaee2dc9bed3ebb66bfb4fe 9.

A1, Dec , Docomo Link acdb87fd0bfaedbf39af7bb8adfc7a0 9. A1, Jun , Verizon Link 12b42e4fbf6c1daddd72feef65e6ac1fcbc0cb5 9. C3, Sep Link d6e8fd8bca99aaaaebb8cc8f0fd69ea40a2e33f32f1c38af A1, Apr , Telus and Koodo Only Link ebe17cceeebccf2b8ccd6c9fcceebbbfa7cf8e01bb2f7d84af 8.

B1, May Link ecfdb20aaabcba53b5c65d 8. B1, May , Fi Carriers Link 3ff1f16ffadb35d9d7f38dfa9acacc7d39fe79d68 8.

Program ar manualmente el color play 3

C1, Jun Link e5ce99bcffeaac8fa58c8fe2b3eae68a2fc6bd 8. E1, Jun , T-Mobile Link aafeb2d9bfdeffbf32e10aedb4ed5bc5b4fa 8. H1, Jul Link d5dbafa7a03f60ef8ebf8dc6f1cdfc03 8. R1, Jul , T-Mobile Link bc7d06c1df5aafaa40cfbb2d00dacfccdc48d 9. A1, Nov Link 36ffebecddeceeeff 9.

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A1, Oct Link 3d9deb8aebbc77adb1d6f4feedaac19cf5dfc0c A1, Apr , Telus and Koodo Only Link adcdaaa41dce7adbf45bd61dc8e01f 8. B1, May Link bea4eb4c97a7ebec64d4f3a61a6ccf8aae28 8.

B1, May , Fi Carriers Link b83fbf0fafeadcdceb6bfae1cc7dc 8. C1, Jun Link 33e9cc25bfcbea2ed5e58dedf5ef2bbea6 8. E1, Jun , T-Mobile Link aebcfd9dccad2ae22e5a03c0fb 8.


G1, Jul Link b06e7b35f5c7db1add35e7fd01f9d1ffcacab9abc 8. Q1, Jul , T-Mobile Link cfcc2bfdf09d3e67ca49abdc 9. A1, Nov Link d9b58fcc3beab4eae26f1b9a0b75eda6f 9. A1, Oct Link acbf77db85aefc2e73d0aedbbbcf83a73fab61 B1, May Link df3cfae68cedfa4c9bfef4be 8. D1, Jun Link fda5e0dac2f8ccf0a80d8e42e6dcd75ad8ceaef1 8.

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P1, Jul Link fe9efca5b59cd9cbfbc8bd9c8eeec 9. A1, Sep , Verizon Link 34e91bd3bdfcfa3abe3d3bd8c5dfaead47b1e97 9.

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A1, Nov , Telus Only Link de4d8aec86eccddacb51f6e9ec3ebf4eec 9. A1, Nov Link 2b95d4dfe0da84c4bc9a0adb0d7bbdb4bfbc9 9. A1, Dec Link b7df60eb2e9bacbc25f1ffbcbbc08d2fcdf47ac95d 9. A1, Oct Link eea9b8dd1fd63c0c17be56e81d9dadb24f6aabceb76eb4cfd B1, May Link bf7bd8e0cfe80dbffbcabcd70 8.

D1, Jun Link fbca7adafbaab7ad32ee2fc60ad89fa33effc87e 8.

Program ar manualmente el color play 3

P1, Jul Link 9fe2cfacf7bbdbbd3d19c18e94debc60ea7eb88 9. A1, Sep , Verizon Link a2adb8bf8ffb4dcebefc57ceaeaf51 9.

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A1, Nov , Telus Only Link c32fcbccb36b8ebefb1e81e0dad7e 9. A1, Nov Link 89adce91fc28de2dce75fbbef65b32ff15bbb9dff 9.

A1, Dec Link a85bb5b8de5b0bea33c6dd01bac2dea7effbebe79fc8 9. A1, Oct Link 2c90d97bbb6bccadd6de50c9e51baeb2abedc1 A1, Mar Link bca39f92da8edec0eccbada82fd71e23a8f60cf9fed 8. C1, May Link cc83ec0df1cddeace40fee92dafddf1af2e2a51 8.

Program ar manualmente el color play 3

D1, Jun Link b9dcff91b29d7e92cbeca4a2fddd5ac55 8. N1, Jul Link c5faafccb4ccedaf04b3d92eaada2bcced8c19cf06bf0 8.

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Y1, Aug Link 4bf1fddf56f1dfab64adaeaed16fdfc53ab75da2 8. Z1, Sep Link fa92ff3bbff3bfccaefbf 8. All carriers except Verizon Link 61b4abff1f7edca9cb6dcf8af 7. A1, May Link d2f29af4deb9bc67f6a2ab7fe0bbbbcecfaa9b 8.

Full OTA Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices

B1, Jun Link 94c3a3a64faae6d09d94dd50c24abd3cec9c8c25fbdd07cdaba 8. H1, Aug Link ad27a75f88fee0a6bb9d22a3a0fbcaee6a22feeabfb8dd41d6 8. K1, Sep Link fea4eb0b8d5e1bafdabcfdeaa1aca48ea8bb1b 8. A1, May Link ad6cea3fd26dea2cca0daad2d41c 8. B1, Jun Link e9da59ef95beed5a1cbcfdd9cea2ba5a8ef 8.

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H1, Aug Link fbb76bf31cc15f1beb5e5d63dffedefde7e87ac 8. K1, Sep Link c2b3aedd44dbeb1ffe05eb80bec1eccbf2b18d18f 8.

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