Profit Loss And Discount Formulas Pdf Viewer

Profit loss and discount formulas pdf viewer

In the first part of Profit and Loss series, we learnt the basic definitions and the meaning of Cost Price, Selling Price, Marked price etc. Let us revise the definition of Marked Price.

Profit loss and discount formulas pdf viewer

As we saw earlier, traders are in the habit of marking their articles at a certain price above their costs. Then the discounts they offer are on this marked price, thereby they actually make sure that have already factored in the profit they want.

Important Profit and loss formulas, Questions and short tricks

Discounts are offered on the marked price and the selling price is determined by the discount offered on the marked price. What is the actual cost to her of that beauty product marked Rs. What does a customer have to pay in cash for a cricket bat of Rs. Thus, the final selling price the cricket bat would be of Rs. In these types of questions, CP of a fixed number of goods are compared with the SP of another field number of goods.

Let us see through an example:.

Profit and Loss

Example The cost price of 30 articles is equal to the selling price of 40 articles. What is the profit or loss percentage? Solution: To obtain the same amount of money, which was needed to purchase 30 articles, we need to sell 40 articles, which is more than what we have got for the same sum. It means we need to arrange 10 more articles apart from the articles which we have purchased.

So, there will be a loss.

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In this type of question, we generally talk about the cost price and selling price questions there are some results which helps us to solve typical these type of questions Some Important Results. When SPs of two articles are same 1. Example Bharat purchased 90 bags of cement at Rs.

Profit and loss: Discount Word Problems - Hindi (2016)

Calculate the cost of article which has a marked price of Rs His percentage of profit is :. If he makes a profit of Rs. Question 4: If a man were to sell his chair for Rs.

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Question 5: A man bought an old typewriter for Rs. He sold it for Rs. Your email address will not be published.

Profit and Loss: Concept of successive discounts

About Us Get in Touch. Profit and Loss: Discounts and Marked Price. Answer and Explanation Option b Let the cost price be Rs.

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Answer and Explanation Option c The advertising price is basically the marked price. Answer and Explanation Option a. I like way of your explanation.

Profit and Loss: Basic Question types

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Profit loss and discount formulas pdf viewer

Vocabulary Fus Root Word. Funct Root Word.

Profit loss and discount formulas pdf viewer

Form Root Word. Fore Root Word.

Profit and Loss | Definitions, Formulas, Solved Problems

Flor a Root Word. Daily Current Affairs 7 January Daily Current Affairs 6 January Daily Reads Daily Reads Level Daily Reads Level Profit and Loss: Formulas, Shortcuts and Tricks.

Profit loss and discount formulas pdf viewer

Profit and Loss Problems. Profit and Loss: Basic Concepts. Logical Reasoning Level-1 : Set Pin It on Pinterest.

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