Pptc Gc Ca Form Pdfs 48237

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

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Application forms. Documents to be enclosed.

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Simplified Renewal Application Process. Photo studios located in Polanco. Processing time.

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

Special situations. The Embassy of Canada in Mexico does not recommend the use of third-party companies to apply for Canadian passports.

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All Canadian citizens are encouraged to apply in person at official points of service around Mexico or mail their application directly to the Embassy of Canada. Protect yourself from fraud!

Certain organizations claim to offer "support" to Canadian citizens who want to apply for a passport, such as by selling information kits that outline application procedures. Some also falsely claim to be able to speed up the passport application process for an additional fee.

Canadian citizens must possess a valid Canadian passport in order to enter, return or transit through Canada, even if they have a valid passport issued from another country: Dual Canadian citizens flying to Canada.

Please note that whenever an incomplete application is received, it will be returned to the applicant. Applications for regular passports must be sent directly to the Embassy at your own expense: Embassy of Canada, Consular Section, Schiller , Col.

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

Please note that the application form used abroad differs from the one used in Canada. Please read the information concerning accepted methods of payment under Fees below.

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

The passport office at the Embassy cannot provide information regarding the receipt of passport documents. This can either be your birth certificate if you were born in Canada or your certificate of Canadian citizenship. Important : if you are applying for a new passport in order to replace a valid passport that has been either lost or stolen, a police report is recommended and should be included with the passport application if available.

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The Embassy of Canada cannot assume any responsibility for the professional qualifications, integrity, or services of the persons and institutions listed below.

Please ensure you take the document entitled " Rules for Canadian passport photos " with you. Current fees and forms of payment.

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

In special situations , other fees may apply. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit card payments for fees not mentionned above.


Note that the "Credit Card Information where accepted " section of the Passport Application Forms is not applicable for credit card payments outside of Canada. Please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization and attach it to your passport application.

What information is needed to fill out a PPTC 192 Child Travel Document Application Form?

This form is mandatory in order to process your credit card payment. Credit card payments can also be made in person.

Passport Application Procedure

The standard processing time for passports is of 20 working days, once all required documents have been received. Note that the Passport Program service standards do not include mailing time.

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It is estimated that the majority of applications received in Mexico may take aproximately 1 week to arrive at the Embassy in Mexico and be ready to be delivered to the applicant.

Read more on passports: Passport Canada. Technical Assistance If you have problems accessing these forms, or to request printed forms, please contact the Embassy of Canada in Mexico.

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Skip to main content Skip to primary navigation. Documents to be enclosed To obtain a new passport, please send the following documents: Passport application form s duly completed forms must be signed, dated and completed before they are submitted to the guarantor. Documentary proof of Canadian citizenship originals only. Your previous passport, regardless of the issue date.

If you submit your application by mail, a copy of your identification must be signed by your guarantor if you do not want to send the original. If you submit your application in person, bring the original of your identification.

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Your marriage certificate if you want your passport issued in your married name and one valid photo I. Two pictures - one of which should be stamped and dated by the photographer. One of the pictures must be certified and signed by your guarantor, as shown on the application form instruction sheets. Whether you are working, studying, or visiting, be sure to clearly indicate where we can reach you in Mexico complete address and telephone number with area code.

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If you request a passport without presenting documentary evidence of citizenship i. The passport will be issued for two years and its validity will not be extended.

Pptc gc ca form pdfs 48237

If you apply for the first time for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate and a passport for a newborn or a child under 2 years old, the applicant must provide proof of travel or a written statement explaining the emergency and complete the PPTC form.

Original proof of Canadian Citizenship Canadian birth certificate or Canadian Citizenship certificate from the Canadian parent is required.

Fees Current fees and forms of payment In special situations , other fees may apply. Footer Date Modified: Top of Page. Important Notices.