Plan Do Act Check Iso 27001 Pdf

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

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The ISO standard is based on the concept of continuous improvement. It is not sufficient to just implement energy management once.

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

Constant improvement, renewal and checks form the indispensable basis. P for Plan: An energy plan is the first thing to do.

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

This is the determination of the initial energy baseline , the energy performance indicators EnPIs , the strategic and operative energy objectives and the action plans. The energy consumption of the different areas of the company is determined with this review. These data and evaluations form the basis of the following improvement processes.

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They also make it possible to identify potential for improvement of energy efficiency. D for Do: In this phase, planning and action takes place, improvements are aimed for and implemented.

Indicators and objectives for energy performance are defined on the basis of the results of the energy assessment.

Learn about ISO/IEC 20000: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) from GogoTraining

In doing so, action plans are also created, with which the objectives for the improvement of energy performance can be achieved. The plans are also implemented in this phase. C for Check: Action only makes sense if it leads to the desired result.

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

To do this, core processes that are significant to the energy-related performance are monitored and measured in this phase. The results are compared to the previously-established objectives.

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

A for Act: The constant measurements are broken down in reports. These form the basis for further studies, in order to improve the energy-related performance and the EMS. PDCA is to be seen as a circular cycle. The phases overlap each other and thus ensure constant movement and renewal. This procedure is realized in a model called PDCA.

Plan do act check iso 27001 pdf

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