Pdf Page Delete Online Predators

Pdf page delete online predators

I added this only because I don't know the first thing about this bill, but the tone of this article, especially in the "Disadvantages," is extremely negative.

Talk:Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006

While the bill may be misguided, that's an opinion and we can't have that. There must be a way to clean this up with people who're more familiar. The article still shows only the wonderful aspects of various technologies with nary a mention of the problems caused by, say, MySpace, regarding children.

Pdf page delete online predators

The bias is palpable, now that badlydrawnjeff brought it to my attention, and your edits made little difference on the NPOV issue. Would be nice if someone who supports this bill would fill in some relevant information in the former. I also made some minor edits in the wording of the "against" subsection that will hopefully make it sound a bit more NPOV.

In there were at least nonconsensual child victims, due to reckless libraries documented in the "Dangerous Access" report to congress. Despite the fanciful [ALA] hysteria about children's right to "information," most rational Americans want pornography filtered from our libraries. Wasn't America supposed to be about freedom?

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The above comment is from an unknown user called " Is it vandalism? Are there standards for removing things from Talk pages; does that statement meet those standards? Well, I'm not anonymous, and I think this is a really idiotic and repressive law, one which might even be construed as banning Wikipedia due to its user pages and talk pages , save for the fact that this site is noncommercial.

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The congressvermin who voted for it deserve to be defeated in this year's elections because there unfortunately is no legal grounds to execute all of them by firing squad. Funnily enough, this bill would ban access to Wikipedia itself from public libraries.

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This is bad law, badly formulated by people who do not understand the technology. The sooner this can be defeated, the better. I'm from Australia but I'd have to agree. What total garbage.

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No laws like that would be passed Down Under! I'd like to hear from both sides of this issue as to whether neutrality has been reasonably achieved.

Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006

I am not suggesting that the article is "complete", but that we can remove the tag to indicate that the neutrality of the article as a whole now is no longer disputed. Someone just added a Threats to Minors section.

Pdf page delete online predators

It has reintroduced POV, made statements that are pure conjecture at this point, and is generally non encyclopedic. I'd like to see it removed or seriously reworked to remove POV. Nope, still NPOV. Cetainly, not enough "pro" material nor links to content and sites who are promoting the legislation to protect children from predators and disinformation posted by predators online on places like Wikipedia.

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By the way, the first reference to the text of the bill is broken. Apparently the "ref" tag automatically leaves off the colon at the end of the URL, which is needed by the thomas.

Parents, If Your Kids Have Any of These 10 Dangerous Apps, It’s Time to Hit “Delete”

Any ideas how to fix this? I put a link to the bill text under "External Links", but it's still bothersome that the reference link is broken. Did the Senate approve this bill? So the Bill isn't law yet? The quote from Judith Krug user Legitimate and Even Compelling insists on including in this entry is demonstrably unrelated to the current controversy concerning DOPA; there is no evidence that it reflects current ALA policy or that the ALA rep quoted in the entry, Beth Yoke, subscribes to those views.

What is telling is Legitimate and Even Compelling's comment on the history page that he believes the quote is needed for balance; it's not balance but NPOV that's important.

Especially suggestive of Legitimate's own bias is his comment on the history page that Krug is the "de facto" leader of ALA a factually incorrect statement whose unrelated comments from somehow trump testimony and interviews given in Unless the quote can be tied to the present DOPA discussion in a substantive way, it does not belong in this entry. In any case, here is where violations of the Three-revert Rule are reported and, sometimes, disputed.

Pdf page delete online predators

There appears to be a bit of a backlog there at the moment so it looks like you'll have enough time to dispute the alleged violation before an admin gets around to looking at it. I think the diffs are pretty clear and obvious but I leave that for the admins to decide. I agree to the removal of this quote.

Pdf page delete online predators

It is not applicable to the DOPA situation. On those grounds alone, this quote was inappropriate placed. Secondly, it is a misinterpretation to say that the quote shows that the ALA thinks their policy should trump local policy. The ALA response was that Bush's idea of "local" controls was a farce and that often what the locals really wanted was a policy most closely related to the ALA no-filter policy. But these desires by the locals were often ignored because by the administration's claiming a need for "local" filtering, it was inherent that there be some filtering contrary to the wishes of some localities and the ALA's general stance on the matter.

This is why the word local is in single quotes when first used in the quotation, because it refers to the facetiousness with which the word was being used in context to her argument against the Bush administration's desire for local controls as opposed to the future times it is used to actually reference what the local populations want.

Pdf page delete online predators

This is clear if you read the entirety of the sourced article. But, while that's a great intellectual exercise, the quote still remains outside the scope of an article on DOPA Siqar deleted ongoing compliant about old new poltics as a namer of the more than likley events of 9. I have just modified one external link on Deleting Online Predators Act of Please take a moment to review my edit.

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Pdf page delete online predators

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