Pat Metheny Au Lait Pdf Free

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

Chick Corea Brasilia - a new transcription for t This is surely one of Chick's most beautiful compositions! Overall, the album is dark and moody and I don't like it. However, this track stands out like a beacon - as if Chick felt he should add something light and airy. I first transcribed this composition over 13 years ago but was never fully satisfied. Compromises need to be made Anyway, I continued to get enjoyment from it mostly until at the start of The piece builds up wonderfully to bar - which is the crux of the piece.

The solo piano bars from to are truly exquisite and took some working out. I think I captured it. Then there was the issue of bars The original version was a lot fancier but decided to retain the simplicity of this section. Now, the left hands plays a beat whilst the dominant chord is held. It seems to work.

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Of course, there are many strange key signatures as you would expect from Chick. Take bars These could be written in a number of ways.

I've simply chosen one of them. Overall, I am happy with it and it captures the beauty of the piece. I hope that you enjoy it.

Gary Walton January Chick Corea The Sky v. There are differences between Thomas's and mine and you should choose which version you prefer or create a hybrid as you see fit. Request: Wolfbane by Lenny White Great jazz fusion! I'd appreciate a chart, if you have one. I didn't include chord symbols in the sketch chart, but added a few piano and guitar voicings for reference.

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The harmony at bars 1 - 2 and 5 - 6 of letter A implies an A Phrygian mode A7susb9 , whereas bars 3 - 4 and 7 - 8 suggest an A Dorian harmony Am7. Still, I'm not certain about any of this, and therefore need your advise here. Are the 8th notes in the A section played in swing time? How about the B section?

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Please share your thoughts. I am very familiar with this piece and have listened to it on a regular basis since the album first came out.

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

The piece is split into two parts. Part One is Children's Song No. Part Two has never been published. This version corrects some errors and refines certain bars to play closer to the original.

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I have used Brian and Thomas's version as a start point. However, I have listened closely to the original and have come to my own conclusions with chords etc. Note that every single note has been typed in from scratch using Noteworthy. These amendments will be detailed below with the bar numbers. The bar numbers have been kept the same for ease of cross-reference.

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

It should be noted that generally, in some areas, it is very difficult attempting to work out the actual notes being played. Therefore, there can be other interpretations. I believe the piece now plays very close to the original especially in the climax at bars Some of the changes are quite subtle.

For example: Bar , there is an initial 'F' but misses out the 'C' which gives the note more depth and is what is played. As the piece reaches its final crescendo in bars through , the original transcription lacked depth. On closer listening this is because, I believe, Chick plays octaves in the left hand which gives it a lot more power. It now sounds very close to the original.

This has been smoothed out particularly in the bass line. Here is a complete list of the main changes there are some more subtle changes : Bar 1. I think the initial 'F ' is an octave - as a single note lacks depth. As with bar 1, I think this is an octave on the B Bar Has a Db as well as F and Gb Bar Has a C as well as Db to give the chord a discordant feel.

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

Final F is Fb Bar Removed the top A Bar Corrected right-hand chord. Continues the appregio from bar and corrects the notes.

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Smooths out the bass line and revises the treble slightly to play better. Slight revision.

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

Now plays like the recording includes octaves in LH Bar Corrects chord Bar Slight revision to LH and RH chords. Revises RH notes.

Pat Metheny Group- Au Lait

If you have another interpretation, drop me a post and I will include it. The album involves rather advanced harmony and extraordinary voicings. This piece is in D minor, although it modulates down a half step at bar 9, and develops as it moves onwards.

The tune has pretty original textures and rhythms. I haven't been able to find any sheet music for this tune. Does anyone out there have a head chart for this baffling piece. Also, please point out any slip-ups.

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I have no discographical information. If you know more about it please tell me. This interpretation contains the complete theme, while the version from the compilation "Night Bounce" is shortened. The composition originates from the soundtrack project "The Bread of Those Early Years", however it has not been used in the movie. Steve Howe - Excerpt from The Ancient Acoustic guitar solo from "Tales from Topographic Oceans" , completed with segments from different live versions.

Jacques Loussier - Prelude No. Such a fantastic album! My own transcription - the print edition has too many mistakes. Here is the piano part. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

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Chinese butterfly Corea Chinese butterfly C. The album includes another awesome tune entitled "Delfeayo's Dilemma" whose lead sheet can be found on this site. There are a few recorded versions of this beautiful piece, which are played in a free-floating spirit.

The rhythmic accuracy of the chart is interpretive due to the rhythmic freedom of the tune.

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel update A Piano arrangement based on my transcription of Piazzolla's quintet version from The update includes the complete introduction. Suggestions are welcome! Please enjoy and feel free to share and make any comments or critiscims.

Au Lait, by the Pat Metheny Group

Also thanks to Michael McAndrew for his help with this transcrition. Thanks in advance! Does anyone have some Joe Henderson 3 horn charts? Or 2 horn stuff with woody is cool too.

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I see a couple in here. Toss a hand? Alternatively, does anyone know of book that includes it?

Pat metheny au lait pdf free

I'd be willing to trade sheet music for it. Heavy Sounds by Elvin Jones. Repeats are played similarly with some variation. I was reminded of Autumn Leaves chord wise and listened to the Lyle Mays' piano to get some of the prevalent chord extensions.