New Brunswick Galaxy 170s Manualidades

New brunswick galaxy 170s manualidades


They set the standard for quality and innovation, and are designed to meet real world needs. Gentle convection circulation of the chamber atmosphere maintains stable temperatures and CO 2 control throughout the chamber. Unlike traditional forced-air culture systems, this design protects against wide fluctuations in temperature and CO 2 that stress cells.

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No fan is required, which eliminates a classic source of contamination, disturbing vibrations, and costly HEPA filters. Direct-heating technology combined with the following additional features provide the perfect CO 2 incubation environment.

New brunswick galaxy 170s manualidades

IR sensor: Provides specific measurement and accurate control of CO 2 levels, unlike traditional TC sensors that are sensitive to chamber humidity and temperature fluctuations. Advanced PI control: Maintains temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption.

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Tightly sealed inner glass door: Samples can be viewed during cell culturing without compromising the sample or environment. Since the chamber remains closed when samples are viewed, temperature uniformity is maintained and costly CO 2 and N 2 consumption is reduced.

Easy to disinfect: Galaxy 170R CO2 incubator

Optional 4- and 8-split inner doors are available. Unique perforated shelves: Help to ensure rapid recovery of temperature, CO 2 and RH when the door is opened and closed. Write a review.

New brunswick galaxy 170s manualidades

Product Specs Company Info Reviews. Eppendorf Motor Parkway.

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Write a Review. It is easy to move around compared to the old version of the incubator.

New brunswick galaxy 170s manualidades

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