My Documents Alejandro Zambra Pdf Merge

My documents alejandro zambra pdf merge

A few weeks ago, I changed a setting on my notation app. It now allows me to save all of my notes to a journal file, a long scroll of text that records each stray thought I enter into any device.

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And at least I can track and change it voluntarily. Zambra is himself the book that he writes.

My documents alejandro zambra pdf merge

My Documents , a collection of stories that combines fiction and autobiography, is a version of Zambra, his soul. The ever-growing feeling that our selves are now trapped or dissolved a stream of text and images, things produced by us or someone else, is so pervasive that art and fiction have been responding in kind. Only, what we too often forget: the further a writer presses into memories of the past, the more likely he is to invent, to create fictions.

My documents alejandro zambra pdf merge

But this impulse or inclination means that the author must notify you of his snipping and refining:. Remembering, for Zambra, is always about dealing with Pinochet, and one begins to wonder if his quiet mania for drawing elegant ellipses in his life has to do with circling in and out of the pain of those years.

My documents alejandro zambra pdf merge

But My Documents is at its best in the first-person, when it thrives on literature as religion. Any part of it is worth excerpting:.

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Think of it this way: if Zambra really has traded in religion for literature, if My Documents is the book of his life — his soul — than the reader has become the new St. By Jonathon Sturgeon.

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