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Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros

New platform. Once a vocal recording session is complete, there's a lot of work to be done. As a producer or engineer, you'll need to choose, edit, and compile all the vocal takes and then create an exciting and evocative mix of the vocals with the other tracks to finish a song. And that's what this second course in the Vocal Production Techniques series is all about, editing and mixing vocals. Along the way, I'll show you how to make a compilation edit of all the best takes while cleaning up breaths and other noises for smooth-sounding edit.

We'll be exploring how to fabricate doubles and harmonies to add texture in post-production using Melodyne. As well as how to seamlessly tune your vocals with Antares' Auto-Tune 8. We'll dive into vocal mixing techniques where I'll show you how to sculpt vocal frequencies with EQ and tame dynamic range with regular and multi-band compression. I'll show you how to craft wild vocal-based soundscapes using processing tools like iZotope Stutter Edit.

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We'll work with volume automation to give our lead vocal life as well as effects automation to add motion to delay, reverb, and modulation effects. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched?

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But almost every vocal track can benefit from some post-production. This course focuses on Pro Tools. Audio engineer Scott Hirsch starts with comping the vocals—combining the best performances into one final vocal master take.

He explains how to edit out breaths and other noises and fabricate a doubling effect for additional texture and vibe, and then brings in some plugins into the mix—Antares Auto-Tune, Melodyne, and iZotope—to tune vocals and create more interesting soundscapes.

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In the "Mixing" chapter, Scott enhances the sound of the vocals with EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and automation, adding life and motion to the song. The final track demonstrates everything you can do to maximize the effectiveness of vocals with Pro Tools.

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What you should know before watching this course 55s. Using the exercise files 53s. Post-Production Editing. Comping takes 6m 55s. Editing breaths, mouth noise, and pops 9m 47s.

4 Tips for Recording with Mixing in Mind

Doubling vocals in post-production 3m 49s. Using Antares Auto-Tune nondestructively 5m 4s.

Creating harmonies with Melodyne 3m 25s. Experimenting with iZotope's Stutter Edit 7m 24s. Mixing Vocals. Processing vocals with EQ 18m 30s.

Processing vocals with compression and limiting 11m 46s. Applying multiband compression for more focused dynamics control 6m 34s.

Mixing recording and producing techniques of the pros pdf merge

De-essing a vocal track 6m 52s. Using reverb send to enhance vocals 7m 22s. Using delay effects to enhance vocals 8m 46s. Using modulation effects to enhance vocals 6m 22s. Layering multiple vocal tracks together 9m 28s.

How-To Prepare Stems (mixing and mastering)

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Vocal Production Techniques: Editing and Mixing in Pro Tools

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