Mehran Tavakoli Keshe Pdf Files

Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

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Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

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Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

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Each dynamic fusor has a plurality of orifices and an Spaceship Design 17 topics. Written questions for Mr Keshe can be addressed in the workshop. Please send your workshop questions to the email address education kfssi Keshe Foundation News and Announcements topics.

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Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

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Mehran tavakoli keshe pdf files

Hi, I am new here. Glad to be one of members. Newcomers Start Here 3 topics. I made a coil system that she holds in her hands. Are there anything more I can do for her?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe Iranian Nuclear Engineer - Technology to Change the World?

General 11 topics. I started a swedish site for building Keshe tech Dec Pretty good response from people interested in learning and doing. Nice way to get in contact with people sharing my interest in Keshe tech. I guess I am here to prime the pump. Where do I start to learn about this technology. I basically know nothing about it. Thanks, ALan. Newcomers Start Here 1 topic.

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I would like to use an eggshell for the central sun in a MaGrav. Would there be a reason not to do this?

ANy ideas on how to make it possible if it is a problem? General 3 topics. Hello everyone, I'm Shleups from a country on Earth that I am not ready yet to mention.

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I've been in touch with the plasma technology for several years only through the videos and blueprints. Now I finally convince a friend who's good at his hands to help me build the magrav power generator. Hi, this weekend I started nano-coating copper wires and plates using the "cold caustic" method. After 2 hours the liquid had cooled down so I could use it. When I removed the lid from the PP box, I saw flakes of black dust in the liquid which had formed web-like structures which looked a bit like spider webs or a neural network in the brain.

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I do not fully know how to begin to be of service or where I can fit in. I appreciate any guidance that you may show me. Thank you, Woody Woodward. Introduce Yourself 1 topic. Keshe relating to the results of our combined efforts to create a better living environment for all.

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