Maybe This Time Chantal Fernando Pdf995

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

His bare feet are hanging off the edge, and when I step closer I see he's wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.

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I grind my hips into his, earning myself a throaty moan. I run my fingers up his arm, feeling his smooth skin. I sit up off of Reid and smile up at my brother.

See a Problem?

He opens the fridge and pulls out an energy drink. I grin down at Reid, who I find is already looking at me.

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

He looks… content. His eyes are soft, and I watch as he licks his bottom lip.

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Tears pool in my eyes, as I imagine a young Reid Knox, standing up to his own father. But after meeting you I think, maybe this time, I could be different. For you, I could be. I think I already am.

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He runs his hand up the back of my thigh, causing chills to erupt all over my body. I reach my hand down to stroke him, just as we both hear a knock on the door. He flashes me a boyish grin and puts his shirt on, walking quickly to the door when more knocking commences, louder this time. I get up and follow him to the door, my eyes flaring when I see Mia standing there.

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

Blond hair, blue eyes and a cute little pair of lips. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

Now, this is a sight I could get used to coming home to. His blue eyes smile at me. I sigh.

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

Xander huffs and walks out, but not before I see the small smile playing on his lips. I sit up.

Another knock. Louder this time. He looks amused.

Maybe this time chantal fernando pdf995

Next to her is a little boy. One who looks exactly like Reid.

Maybe This Time (Maybe Book 1) by Chantal Fernando Audiobook Part 4

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