Maya Shortcut Keys Pdf Download

Maya shortcut keys pdf download

In this tutorial I will let you know about some of the shortcut keys found in Maya. So today I will tell about some of the most important ones for the functions we frequently use while working in Maya. First, let's open Maya.

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I would like to advise you to use Maya or greater. As you can see in the tool box below, the last tool which we used is shown there. We can pick that tool from there or by pressing G.

Maya shortcut keys pdf download

So G is the shortcut key to recall the last used tool. Now you can see both vertices are merged when we clicked on the Merge Tool in the Edit Mesh menu.

But the place in the Tool Box is empty where the last used tool should appear.

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The G shortcut key to repeat the last tool is still working, but the Merge Tool is one of those tools which won't appear in the Tool Box after use. Sometimes we work on scenes which have one or more objects, and feel the need to hide some of the objects from the viewport. By default an object is rotated from it's center.

But sometimes we need to rotate it from it's corner instead.

Maya shortcut keys pdf download

So how can we rotate an object from it's corner? If you rotate the box now, it will be rotated from the center.

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So now press and hold the "D" key. You can now see the pivot point. You can now rotate it from the corner instead of the center.

Maya shortcut keys pdf download

You can also decrease or increase the size of the Pivot, by using the plus and minus keys. I would now like to tell you about an interesting shortcut to select Vertices, Faces and Edges without changing modes.

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Right-click on the viewport and select "Multi". Now you can select Vertices, Faces and Edges without going into their respective modes. Press "F2" to jump into Animation mode. Sometimes we need to smooth objects while modeling, because we want to see how the object will look after applying the smooth modifier. And then move it with the help of the Move tool. If you want to make an object the parent of another object.

One-Key Shortcuts

Like for example, if you want to set a Box as the parent of a Sphere. Now if you move, rotate or scale the Box, the Sphere will also act accordingly and follow it at all times. When you make an animated sequence and you want to play the animation, you have to click on the Play button on the time slider. Unlimited asset downloads!

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Maya Keyboard Shortcuts

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Maya shortcut keys pdf download

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