Marathon Training Plan 12 Weeks Pdf Files

Marathon training plan 12 weeks pdf files

5 Simple Training Tips For Your First Marathon + Printable 12 Week Marathon Training Plan

Of course there will be factors that will make it easier for you to accomplish running a marathon in 3 months time. You have two main goals during the first four weeks of this 12 week marathon training schedule:.

A 12-Week Marathon Training Plan

Building your running base during the first four weeks:. It's important to be able to run at least 4 - 6 miles comfortably before you begin this training plan because as with anything you do, you want to start where you are already at and build from there.

Since your first scheduled long run is 6 miles during Week 1, it is best that you are able to run about 6 miles although you would probably be fine coming in at miles if you are comfortable with running those distances.

Your long run mileage progresses rapidly and if you are not comfortable already with running miles you might find yourself struggling to keep up with the plan.


If you don't feel ready to do the first week of training in this program, pause, keep building a good running base and then come back and start this program.

Weeks are the most important weeks of your training as you will be doing some crucial long runs that will set the tone for your marathon race success! As you will be tapering during these final 2 weeks of your training plan your weekly mileage will be lower. You are coming in towards the finish line!

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Take these days seriously. It is good to include some active rest and recovery techniques such as doing a foam rolling session, taking a nap, etc. Tempo runs are scheduled for Tuesdays.

These runs help to improve your endurance and your ability to handle stress.

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For information on how to complete a tempo training run review this page. Try to focus on your form and breathing during these easier runs. For all the information on performing hill repeat workouts see this page.


During the second part of this marathon training schedule you will trade in your hill strength workouts for speed workouts. Your speed workouts during this speed training block will be in the form of interval workouts. This would mean you would be running a total of 2 miles at your interval pace but you will be resting between each interval.

Marathon training plan 12 weeks pdf files

Here are the guidelines on running interval workouts. Take the rest day if you are feeling worn down otherwise a little cross training may do your body good.

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There are many different ways and training styles to run your long runs based on the goals that you might have. The purpose would be NOT to go fast but to target your aerobic system, increase your heart strength, and ultimately increase your endurance.

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In fact, it's good to run these longer runs at about minutes slower than your normal running pace. You will learn about goal paced long runs and progressive long runs that help you practice your race pace during your long run.

Marathon training plan 12 weeks pdf files

How to Train for a Marathon. Your actionable long distance running recovery plan.

Marathon training plan 12 weeks pdf files

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