Kc-140 Autopilot Troubleshooting Guide Pdf

Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Owners Manuals

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Reply Subscribe. Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Our club aircraft are all fitted with a CAP autopilot.

KAP 140 autopilot problem?

For some reason I keep getting the red P symbol after the system test, indicating that the pitch mode has failed. Strangely, by turning off power to the avionics and re-starting the pre flight test seems to cure the problem. I would have put it down to a faulty unit, but it's happened to me on all 3 of our club aircraft, which leads me to believe I must be doing something wrong, but what?

I make sure that the Avionics master is OFF until the engine is stabilized and the Alternator is online.

Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

I don't touch the trim wheel until the test is complete Any ideas? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by TotalBeginner. Have you spoken to an avionics shop that deals with Honeywell kit?

The self test on Honeywell autopilots is deeply dodgy and the AP will pass the self test even with a roll or pitch servo completely burnt out. Pitch trim problems are usually detected just as well.

Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

If you have three planes which all do this, you need to have it looked at. It sounds like a dodgy installation. Visit IO's homepage! Find More Posts by IO I know my answer is not going to help anybody If they work, they work fine and are easy to use, however unusual amount of pitch trim failures in a lot of different airframes.

Download: Century Iv Autopilot Manual.pdf

Find More Posts by B2N2. I have just had my pitch servo replaced for a second time first was a service bulletin requirement - and the aircraft is less than 3 years old! Shortly before it was knackered I had a similar story - occasional diagnostics failure - power cycle - ok. I did also have a similar error when the G was upgraded incorrectly and stopped the ADC talking to the KAP - but that was permanent error. Find More Posts by denhamflyer.

If in doubt, consult the manual It does actually mention this phenomenon. NOTE: Following the preflight test, the red P warning on the face of the autopilot may illuminate indicating that the pitch axis cannot be engaged.

This condition should be temporary, lasting no more than 30 seconds. The P will extinguish and normal operation will be available.

Ah, 'RTFM' wins again. Find More Posts by Bravo I would like to see an explanation for this behaviour. After the power-up test, the autopilot should be ready for use, not messing about doing other things. What plane is this? OK, thank you.

Gary Crandall. KAP Trim Fail. I am jumping onto your thread a long time after it concluded. I get the trim fail PT message about every fifth flight, right after takeoff.

Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

So the electric trim is out until my next flight. I hadn't thought of shutting off the avionics until you mentioned it. Had the trim rigging checked and lubricated, but no improvement.

Becoming familiar with the KAP 140 Autopilot

Wondering if you learned anymore on the topic. Find More Posts by Gary Crandall. You can get weird pitch trim failures as a result of the autopilot disconnect switch the one with the red button being faulty.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Owners Manuals

This switch has two sets of normally-closed contacts. One set tells the AP you have pressed it. The other set interrupts the power to the servos, causing their clutches to drop out, so you can hand fly the plane - while you are depressing the red button. This switch is too flimsy for the current drawn by the servos, these being inductive loads which cause a lot of arcing on the contacts.

I took one apart yesterday and there wasn't a lot left of the contacts - after hrs of flight.

Doing the AP diagnostics laptop running hyperterminal, into the AP diagnostic port reveals nothing because that contact is always OK. Back to Subforum. View Next Unread. Posting Rules. You may not post new threads.

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Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

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Kc-140 autopilot troubleshooting guide pdf

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