Jz 600 Ycy Pdf Reader

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

AWG Selection. Suitable for installation for flexible use for medium mechanical stresses with free movement without tensile stress or forced movements in dry, moist and wet rooms as well as outside fixed installation. Is not suitable to be used as direct burial or as underwater cable. The conductors have been numbered in such a way that the numbers are easily identifiable, even if the cable has only been stripped back a few cm.

Control Cable: JZ-600-Y-CY

The conductor numbers have been underlined to avoid confusion. The grounding is located in the outer layer. The black, special PVC outer jacket is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Mainly used in South-European, Eastern and Arabian countries. Items For Quote.

Contact Us. About Us. Printable PDF. Conductors x cross-sec. Outer Diameter mm. Weight ca. JZ 2x0. JZ 3G0. JZ 3x0. JZ 4G0. JZ 4x0. JZ 5G0. JZ 5x0. JZ 6G0. JZ 7G0. JZ 7x0. JZ 8G0. JZ 8x0.

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JZ 10G0. JZ 12G0. JZ 12x0.

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JZ 14G0. JZ 16G0. JZ 18G0. JZ 20G0. JZ 21G0. JZ 25G0.

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

JZ 30G0. JZ 32G0. JZ 34G0.

JZ 40G0. JZ 42G0. JZ 50G0. JZ 52G0.

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JZ 61G0. JZ 65G0. JZ 80G0.

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JZ G0. JZ 6x0.


JZ 9G0. JZ 15G0. JZ 37G0. JZ 41G0. JZ 2x1. JZ 3G1. JZ 3x1. JZ 4G1.

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JZ 4x1. JZ 5G1. JZ 5x1. JZ 6G1. JZ 7G1.

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

JZ 7x1. JZ 8G1. JZ 9G1. JZ 10G1.

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JZ 10x1. JZ 12G1. JZ 12x1. JZ 14G1. JZ 16G1. JZ 18G1.

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

JZ 18x1. JZ 20G1. JZ 21G1. JZ 24G1. JZ 25G1. JZ 25x1.

Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

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Jz 600 ycy pdf reader

JZ 40G1. JZ 40x1.

Control Cable: JZ-600

JZ 41G1. JZ 42G1. JZ 50G1. JZ 56G1. JZ 61G1. JZ 65G1. JZ 80G1. JZ G1. JZ 11G1. JZ 19G1. JZ 32G1. JZ 2x2. JZ 3G2. JZ 3x2. JZ 4G2. JZ 4x2.