Java J2ee Interview Questions For Experienced Pdf

Java j2ee interview questions for experienced pdf

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Home page Contact Us. Net DWH New. Basic Java Interview Question and Answers. What is Java? Java is an object programming language that was designed to be portable across multiple platforms and operating systems.

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J2EE Interview Questions

Basic Java. Garbage Collection.

Java Interview Questions and Answers - Java Tutorial - Java Online Training - Edureka

Collection Framework. String Handling.

Java j2ee interview questions for experienced pdf

Exception Handling. Hot Java was the first Web browser that could download and play execute Java applets. Although Hot Java was the first browser to support Java applets, many browsers now support or will soon support applets.

Java j2ee interview questions for experienced pdf

Starting with Netscape Navigator 2. Hot Java browser is written with the Java programming language.

Java j2ee interview questions for experienced pdf

Static means one per class, not one for each object no matter how many instance of a class might exist. This means that you can use them without creating an instance of a class. Static methods are implicitly final, because overriding is done based on the type of the object and static methods are attached to a class, not an object. A static method in a superclass can be shadowed by another static method in a sub class, as long as the original method was not declared final.

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However, you can't override a static method with a non static method. In other words, you can't change a static method into an instance method of a subclass.

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A Java Virtual Machine is a runtime environment required for execution of a Java application. Each Java application runs inside a runtime instance of some concrete implementation of abstract specifications of JVM.

Java j2ee interview questions for experienced pdf

It is JVM which is crux of platform independent nature of the language.