Iphone 4s Tips Tricks Pdf

Iphone 4s tips tricks pdf

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A huge and much-needed addition to the iOS universe, was a way to save battery life on devices running low on juice. Previously, iOS 8 added the option to view how much a particular application was consuming battery.

Iphone 4s tips tricks pdf

In an effort to improve app switching and multitasking, iOS 9 provides a super convenient way to move between multiple applications. For example, opening a link sent via Messages will take you to the URL, but instead of double-tapping to bring up the app-switcher, there will be an option to go Back to Messages in the top left corner.

How to Update iPhone 4/4S to iOS 9

Simply put, iCloud Drive is a well-integrated, cloud-based file manager. Previously the only way to access iCloud drive was through third-party applications. Notes is the most redesigned app to debut in iOS 9. It has moved far beyond its pedestrian origin as a simple text app, to a full-fledged word-loving application.

Part 1: 4 Things you Need to Know Before Updating iPhone 4/4S to iOS 9

Instead of needing to download a file to your Mac and using preview or a third-party application to make edits or annotations, iOS 9 has added Markup and Reply.

Simply tap and hold to open an attachment from an email sent or received and select Markup and Reply from the Share sheet. Use the handy toolbar inside Markup, to add text, magnify significant areas, add drawings, or even a signature.

The keyboard now displays upper case letters on the keys when the Shift key is enabled and lower case when disabled.

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When viewing a photo you can now swipe down on your screen to dismiss that photo and head back into the Photo library or Album. There is a new thumbnail slider at the bottom of any photo being viewed. Making it easier to select multiple photos, you can now tap and drag over photo thumbnails to select the image. Stop those pesky in-laws from seeing all of your photos when they borrow your phone. Simply select the photos you wish to hide, tap the Share icon, and select Hide from the Share sheet.

#2. Quickly Annotate, Print, and Share PDF Files

If your phone is face down and not receiving light, the screen will remain off even when you receive Messages or Notifications. We can now easily add and save attachments in Mail using iCloud Drive.

Iphone 4s tips tricks pdf

To download an attached file, tap and hold on the item and select Save Attachment from the Share sheet. Just tap and hold inside any message to bring up the option to Add Attachment.

19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

It will finally allow developers to implement the Quick Reply feature in their Messaging apps. The Quick Reply feature can be paired with other actions as well. So you will be able to swipe down on a notification from your favorite Messaging app and respond to it just like you could in the Messages app.

Iphone 4s tips tricks pdf

Apps like Twitter already support the Quick Reply feature. Add your home, work, and favorite locations to Apple Maps for super fast routing to get you where you need to be ASAP.

Best iPhone Tricks 2019 & iPhone Hacks

When you search a name or contact in iOS 9, you now have the option to call, message, or FaceTime that contact directly from the Search results. Shake to Undo is a feature that used to be enabled no matter the user preference.

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Shaking your iPhone on accident or on purpose would bring up the option to undo recent text inputs. In iOS 9 users have the option disable Shake to Undo.

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Apple created Reader View for its Safari browser. Reader View cleans the webpage, making it easier to concentrate and focus on the information at hand. Reader View is enabled by taping on the Reader icon tucked inside the search bear.

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Once enabled, tap on the font icon aA to adjust your settings. This is a great way to protect yourself if others use your phone. Hopefully Apple will add this same security measure to other applications. Improving from the previous 4-digit passcode, the new six-digit passcode increases the amount of combinations from 10, to 1 million.

iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks #2

Check out our video walkthrough of our top iOS 9 tips and tricks here. Hope you guys learned all you need to know to fully enjoy iOS 9. Let us know your favorite iOS 9 tips and tricks in the comments below.

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Iphone 4s tips tricks pdf

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