History And Geography Of The World And Society Pdf Viewer

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

What you can do to support Geography Education in Indiana! Want to help create responsible and globally literate Indiana citizens?

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Find out how. Get involved today! In practice the two fields are differentiated by the proportionate emphasis each gives to these terms. It is a special way of looking at the world. Geography, like history, is an age-old and essential strategy for thinking about large and complex matters.

History and Geography

Geography and History of the World is designed as a legitimate alternative to the standard World History course. More generally, Geography and History of the World standards and the indicators, skills, and concepts associated with them are designed to nurture perceptive, responsible citizenship, encourage and support the development of critical thinking skills and lifelong learning, and to help prepare students for employment in the 21st Century.

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

The standards presented in Geography and History of the World are compatible with and will support a variety of curricular approaches to the teaching of geography. These include the:.

Regional Approach. Here students systematically explore world culture regions and interactions between and among regions. For example, a unit on West Africa might include an examination of the factors that influenced forced migration between the region and North America in the 18th and early 19th Centuries, a unit on Japan might focus, in part, on how the cultural landscape was affected over time by the threat of earthquakes, and a unit on Western Europe might, among other considerations, focus on political revolutions, their origins, diffusion, and impact on other world regions.

Thematic Approach.

For example, one unit of study might be concerned with urbanization in different societies over time, a second with the development of nation-states, and a third with conflict and cooperation in modern times, as indicated by economic agreements and political treaties.

Chronological Approach. For example, a unit focusing on the Industrial Revolution in Europe might also examine related developments in trade, migration, urbanization, and the spread of disease that occurred during that same era.

Geography's Influence on World History, Society and Human Development

In Geography and History of the World , specific geographic and historical skills and concepts of historical geography are used to explore global themes. The skills provide the necessary tools and techniques to think geographically and historically.

Terms of Use

The skills, intended to enable students to observe and interpret patterns, associations, and spatial order, are grouped into five sets, each representing a fundamental step in a comprehensive investigative procedure.

The historical geography concepts used to explore global themes in Geography and History of the World are described below. Change Over Time.

Modifications in human and physical environments resulting from the workings of geographic and historical processes. Cultural Landscape.

The forms and artifacts sequentially placed on the natural landscape by the activities of various human occupants.

By this progressive imprinting of the human presence, the physical natural landscape is modified into the cultural landscape, forming an interacting unity between the two. The spatial spreading or dissemination of a culture element [such as a technological innovation] or some other phenomenon [e.

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Human Environment Interactions. The ways that people depend on, adapt to, are affected by, and change the natural environment. Human Livelihoods. People obtain the necessities and the comforts of life through participation in three sectors of activity: 1 Primary sector agriculture, mining, forestry , 2 Secondary sector industry , 3 Tertiary services.

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

National Character. Overtime, countries and nations take on representative cultural features that define them locally, regionally, or nationally, and collectively distinguish them from others.

The point or place from which something arises, comes, begins, or develops; the starting point or place. Physical Systems. Sense of Place. Spatial Distribution.

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The arrangement of physical and human elements on the Earth's surface. Spatial Interaction. The movement of people, goods, information and money between and among regions, countries and places.

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

Spatial Organization. The way in which physical and human elements on the Earth's surface are structured.

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

Spatial Variation. How one place is different from another, deviation in form, condition, appearance, extent. These skills and concepts are consistent with the standards articulated in Geography for Life , the national geography content standards. Washington D.

History and geography of the world and society pdf viewer

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