Hahnemanns Chronic Diseases Pdf Editor

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

Hippocrates was the first to identify and name the phenomenon as a disorder of the mind with its seat in the brain. Samuel Hahnemann has also paid a lot of attention towards the understanding of mental illness.

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According to him, the mind and body are not two absolutely separate entities but they form an indivisible whole inseparable in fact but distinguishable by mind for easy understanding.

In natural diseases the physical disturbances are often found associated with their mental counterparts. Illness is the result of biological as well as of physiological events. Certain stresses set up discharge themselves along the various peripheral nerves leading to development of somatic symptoms or certainly in the mind leading to changes in the personality.

In some cases one outlet is chocked as it were and main outbursts takes place through the other outlet. Thus in extreme cases we find either purely physical diseases or purely psychological disturbance without any concomitant physical changes. To understand such mental diseases, one should try to get the full picture of disease comprising physical and mental symptoms through careful past history and case taking.

There was a middle period where the demonic concept of the mental illnesses again dominated but this was soon replaced by the modern concept of disease during the period of Renaissance, which has been gradually modified according to newer concepts and understanding to the present day concept. With the formation of medical societies and the standardization of diagnostic criteria a somewhat logical pattern has determined the classification of Mental Disorders.

Although it is standardized, the classification is changing with the changing criteria of diagnosis. The earlier classification was based on the concept of Psychodynamic disturbances i. Psychotic and Neurotic; on the basis of causes, i. Endogenous and Exogenous; Primary and Secondary ; etc. Systematization of any branch of human knowledge presupposes classification. Classification is a mental grouping of facts and phenomenon according to their resemblances and differences, so as best to serve some purpose.

Classification is extremely important and will help in the understanding of the phenomena and guide in developing specific therapeutic measures to deal with the specific conditions. As a Homoeopath, understanding the nature of these illnesses helps us to plan our therapeutic measures and gauge the need for the use of different forces — medicinal and non-medicinal.

Hahnemann has classified mental illnesses in a rather different way. Though the Hahnemannian classification seems to be archaic, its application to the cases has remained crucial in determining a successful outcome.

Hence a study of the relationship between the Hahnemannian classification and the modern one becomes important to our daily functioning. We need to explore the application of the principles of management of the mental illnesses as stated by Hahnemann in the Organon of Medicine. In the Organon of Medicine, he has given a detailed classification about the four types of mental illnesses. In due course of time the bodily symptoms disappear and the mental symptoms dominate.

This is called the true one-sided illness.

Hahnemann’s concept of mental diseases

A case of chronic colilitis becomes eventually transformed into hypochondriasis. This group of the disorders finds a separate place in the classification of disease proposed by him. They are maintained by psychical factors viz.

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These illnesses are in their early stages i. Thus we need to bring together the two very different concepts-one rooted in modern syndrome analysis and the other based on a philosophical approach. We should try to derive the practical implications of this understanding.

The credit of adopting humane methods in the management of insane persons certainly goes to Hahnemann. Hahnemann with his phenomenal genius and clear intuition anticipated the broad principles of psychotherapeutic methods necessary in some cases and also differentiated those cases which called for judicious combination of psychotherapeutic and anti-psoric drug therapy.

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Sec Raving madness should be met by calm fearlessness and firm resolution. Loquacity should be listened to in silence, its some degree of attention. The physician to the patient should not only be his prescriber, but also his friend, philosopher and guide to keep the patient to resolve his complexes and revert to healthy growth and development of his personality.

C The third type of mental diseases are to be treated exactly in the same line to what is followed in the treatment of acute diseases, attacking the individually, which are generally only a transient explosion of latent psora. These conditions should be treated by superficial acute remedies and not by Anti-psoric deep acting, constitutional remedies, in order to subdue it so far that psora shall for the time revert to its former latent state.

Hahnemann classified the mental disease in four types- 1. Somato-psychic type sec.

Aphorisms and footnotes in Organon of Medicine –at a glance

Mental disease due to exciting cause sec. Mental disease of doughtfull origin sec. Psycho-somatic type sec. Probebly HE was the first Master of Medicine , who wrote a defenite precess of medical process with gentle human behave , in favor of psychiatric patients. According to him , first homoeopathic symptomatic then constitutional treatment , mainly antipsoric always helps to eradicate the problems along with proper psichiatric controll with mental regeim and diet.

Introduction Psychotherapy , the term related with psychology.

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

Psychotherapy , the term also related with counseling , that means a professional relationship and activity in which one person endeavors to help another to understand and to solve his or her adjustment problems ; the giving of advice, opinion, and instruction to direct the judgment or conduct of other.

Physiological process alwayes includes with diet , sleep, other mental faculty as hobby music , drowing play, company, precessing of past as well as introducing a new , etc social , professional , enen spiritual communications etc.

Hahnemann, On second September , treated a patient named Herr Klockenbring. Curative result of this patient being published in local journal in with foundations of a new era of medical establishment of mental illness. Before Hahnemann the insane patients were treating likes wild animals, as chaioned in dungeon-like cells etc. We always considers mental changes during any corporal problems and gives formost importance ,specially while it became uncommon and strong The Organon Ap.

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

Hahnemann not liked to empasise the mental cases as a separate type because to give their firm social support , avoidence of torture. Here we would like to discuss some minimum points about 1 Psychiatric Disorders according to modern medicine , 2 Hahnemmanian classification of psychiatric disorders, and application of psychotherapy. Psychiatric Disorder According to Modern Medicine According to Modern Medicine, Psychiatric Disorders means functional impairments that may result from disturbance of one or more of the following inter-relations as :- 1 i Biologic function i.

Hahnemannian Classification of Mental Diseases. We have to follow the process written below:- d Any cancelling may causes more aggravation of mental problems, a melancholic would become more dejected, querulous, inconsolable and reserved, spiteful would be more exasperated, a fool would be more foolish.

But if the treatment is not continued , it may be relapsed with more violence and incurability. The Organon Ap. This state of health mental can causes destruction of corporal heath, even to a extreme degree. After being cure their basic character as ingratitude, cruelty, malice, obstinate, violent.

Disgracefulness returns violently. Treatment —according to the type One see management no This is pure Hahnemannian observation we do carrying whole years in our chamber, that present in Materia Medica.

This are also very difficult to cure. See management no. With vocational, social.

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

Educational and advocational area. Absent minded during talking — Carb Ac. Nothing hurriedness has to be done. Loquacity — Hyos, Lach. More talking , doing of favorable subject of the family in general may helps to personality changes of patients also of real cause as wall as relief of symptoms.

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If the patient has Tb. Bufo, Caust. If the patient is a baby under breast, we may solve the problems by select the medicine according to conjoint symptoms of mother and baby, that not failed in my life 29 years of practice. This process also effective too.

Some Practical Discussion 1. At present , in our locality, homeopathic asylum is not available ; in violent cases, nothing counseling is being possible , our hands not extending far, personally when a case of danger came I always takes help of other therapy , during the state of relieve, or with or during the treatment of other therapy , some patient gets some more relieve by our counseling and treatment.

Thyroid disease ,fault of education or any genetic anamoly Down Syndrome , short toe , left forth etc is present , this patients are very difficult to cure, because when many members of the family has the more or less same disease effect, one simple positive effect may be proved as negative one by another , it is my practical experience. In managements no 21, 23, 24 , some typical experiences I noted, readers are requested to verify this.

So what the next generation will learn from the parents?

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

History of gestation always plays role during selection of medicine. Just after relieve one day he expresses his anger … how long he had to pay money to me? I politely told him not to come if no necessity developed. After two years again he came with symptoms of night mare, could not slept for six or more months, even in hospital and by injections?

Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

Within this period , I came to know though the patient previously claimed him as a poor tea sailer , he had a night profession that was robbery. It must be write now , that though the patient was relieved well, but I did not came to know whether the profession of robbery being changed by Lachesis, or the patient being surrendered to police station expressing his crimes, or throws some money to a pilgrim ….

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Hahnemanns chronic diseases pdf editor

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