Gurps 4e Basic Set Campaigns Pdf Reader

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

I originally published this article in February of Things have changed since then.

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

As a result, I wanted to go back into this article, update things, clean up the text and the narrative a bit, and see where I could improve upon the article. I hope I have succeeded! In , Steve Jackson Games released a role-playing game that was different from anything that had been released prior.

GURPS was designed to be a game system that transcended genre. Where there existed fantasy , sci-fi , horror , and even superhero role playing games, GURPS went in the direction if being all of those and more; saw both the 1st and 2nd editions of the system, released as boxed sets. Traits are purchased with points.

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Traits come in five basic flavors: attributes , advantages , disadvantages , quirks , and skills. This became the definitive edition of the game for many years.

The rules were extensively cross-referenced and well written. Supplements were released like clockwork; over the years, more than source books would be written for this edition of the game.

Although it never cracked into the top three for RPG sales, GURPS 3rd Edition became — and remains — one of the most successful lines of role-playing material ever published. The core rules, called the Basic Set , contained a fixed set of advantages, disadvantages, and skills. This book left all of the material in the front of the book alone. In the very back, in a 32 page area that originally held a sample fantasy adventure, a mini-supplement of material they wished could be in the core was included.

But this was far from extensive. Enter Sean 'Dr.

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Kromm' Punch. Together, these books included everything that would have been in the core book had it been possible to expand it without breaking down all of the indexing of the system. GURPS 3rd Edition was approaching 15 years of age; the sheer volume of material written for the system had created a level of cruft — piled on specialized sub-systems — which detracted from the streamlined beauty of the system. Steve Jackson announced that the system would be extensively supported with premium product.

The books were to be released in August of that year with an aggressive release schedule through the end of the year. A web-chat took place to answer questions. In this chat, they confirmed that GURPS would have a very aggressive release schedule; the books would all be long see below , full-color, hardcover books — what I will call premium books.

These points are important to many fans of the system. Steve Jackson — the man and his company — were promising to bring premium production to their already premium content. If the fans were to be enticed to come over to the new system — as opposed to using the 3rd edition with whatever house rules they had developed over the years — they needed:.

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

An aggressive release schedule handled 1; premium books were unusual for Steve Jackson Games. It seemed to be an enticing carrot that could bring the old-guard over. The first signs of cracks in the plan took place before month's end. The original so-called gorgeous artwork was almost universally regarded as anything but gorgeous. Since this is entirely an aesthetic issue, the good folks at Steve Jackson Games took this is stride and asked their fan base: can you do better?

The answer was yes. For a while, the finalists in the contest and the original designs were available for viewing. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

The first hurdle was cleared with ease. All appeared to be going well. In fact, for all intent and purpose, it was.

The Future of GURPS

Announcements for the new system included:. The aggression of the schedule was not in question. The ability for Steve Jackson Games to deliver on this schedule most certainly was. But more importantly, the ability for Steve Jackson Games to deliver on this schedule the premium production values was being tested early on.

The original covers with the sub-standard artwork and flat, bland look were gone and replaced with the puzzle-look that had won the covers contest.

These were seen as a great step forward and resulted in beautiful books. This book was considered a universal success.

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The choices for advantages and skills to include in the trimmed list was suspect e. Given that this was a PDF and free-print product, it was given some slack.

In the end, it was considered a success. This was exacerbated by the fact that the initial announcement and follow-up web chats indicated that virtually no conversion would be needed. Explanations were offered indicating that the document focused mostly on adjusting the point values of characters rather than adjusting capability.

Response to this was mixed.

December 2019: An Update

It is about this time that some of the old-guard GURPS fans were starting to question choices made in the new edition. For a line that was touting itself as premium production, this fell flat. When GURPS Magic hit the shelves, a lot of people were shocked to find that the system was not updated, fixed, corrected, or The issues that had been well documented were not corrected. The optional systems — those things that make GURPS the flexible tool-kit that it is — were left out completely.

GURPS Magic , it was said, is where multiple systems and flavors of magic would be discussed and fleshed out. Magic suffered not only from creative lapses, but editorial lapses as well. A series of charts in the book detailing the steps needed to reach a particular spell included calculations indicating how many spells were prerequisites for a given spell.

This chart was intended to allow a Game Master to move a spell without making it too easy or too hard to obtain. The problem: a large chunk of the calculations were just plain wrong. In December — four months later — the play test seemed to be having trouble. The Basic Set devotes one-third of the space to animals as it does to magic.

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

Many — myself included — feel that a role playing system without a good manual of monsters is incomplete. What was promised was a book that gave stats for real-world creatures, and rules for how to create interesting monsters, variations, and such — all while keeping in mind the creature's role in its ecology and environment.

What we got was nothing. It did not take long before books began to slip in the official schedule. The original aggressive schedule was supposed to be one premium book per quarter, plus the three books that were scheduled to be produced in the last quarter of i. In this same timeframe, the number of products — please note, I did not say books — that have been produced for GURPS 4th Edition is stand alone items, and issues of the PDF magazine, Pyramid which was shut down in December of This is impressive.

A total of products. This comes out to approximately one product every two or three weeks. The problem is that these products consist almost entirely of electronic releases i. As premium books were produced, they would generally last one print run; most never seen in print form again. Others might get a softcover, grey-scale reprint.

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But the vast majority would move straight to PDF only. Add to this the revelation that far more of Steve Jackson Games' cash flow is derived from the card game Munchkin than from the GURPS line, and support gets pushed into other shorter-cycle venues.

It has not been for some time; it will not be in the foreseeable future. Role Playing Games are a sideline business for the company as Munchkin takes over the vast majority of their resources. Additionally, Steve Jackson is a man who wants to do some things simply because he wants to do them.

Gurps 4e basic set campaigns pdf reader

And this is a good thing! Thanks to this sort of drive, a Kickstarter campaign raised nearly one million dollars to revive the OGRE line! You cannot argue with success like that.

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But he is just one man, and Steve Jackson Games has limited resources. When Munchkin takes up most of the time, and other projects eat into what it left None of this is to say they are wrong.

Steve Jackson Games is a business. Like any other business, they look at their market and adjust accordingly.

List of GURPS books

So let's look at what I think needs to happen. All of this said Role playing is far from dead!

The Gentleman Gamer: GURPS 4th Edition Basic Set RPG Review

GURPS is — and should always be — a premium content brand, not a premium production brand. Pretty pictures are useless if the content is not there. Excellent content is not made better with pretty pictures. Primary subsystems e. Books going into these concepts in detail should be planned and assigned as the 5th Edition is being put together. Specialized subsystems e. Books detailing these concepts in detail should be planned and assigned as the 5th Edition is being put together as well.