Galactic Civilizations 2 Tech Tree Pdf

Galactic civilizations 2 tech tree pdf

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With over technologies in five categories, GalCiv II will keep you really busy if you want to research them all. Technology is researched during the game, unlocking planetary improvements , ships and bonuses.

Galactic civilizations 2 tech tree pdf

Twilight of the Arnor Technology is quite different depending on your starting race or custom technology tree. In Dark Avatar and Dread Lords, Technology is divided into different categories: diplomatic, propulsion, engineering, weapon, and defense. Diplomatic technology improves the government, its relations with its citizens, and its relations with other governments. Space ships are useless without something to make them move.

These technologies provide increasingly useful versions of that something. Yeah, this could use a description. For the purpose of keeping the techtree neat, this section has been split into the three branches off of Xeno Engineering. The galaxy is a harsh place, not to mention the spiffy effects that these weapons produce.

[GCIII] Tips for mastering/understanding the tech tree?

It's not very fun to get shot at. It's even less fun when you don't have anything blocking the bullet. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Xeno Communications. Universal Translator. Interstellar Governments.

Diplomatic Relations. Xeno Entertainment. Xeno Ethics. Advanced Diplomacy.

Neutral Shipping. Advanced Trade. Xeno Business. Historical Assimilation. Extreme Entertainment. Virtual Reality Centers.

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Good and Evil. Concepts of Malice. Balanced Vision. Concepts of Righteousness.

New Propulsion Techniques. Xeno Engineering. Basic Logistics.

Galactic civilizations 2 tech tree pdf

Enhanced Logistics. General Life Support.

Advanced Hulls. Master Hull Building. Reinforced Hull Design. Massive Scale Building. Planetary Improvements Technology. Xeno Industrial Theory. Xeno Factory Construction. Industrial Sector. Xeno Economics. Xeno Bank Construction. Galactic Stock Exchanges. Xeno Farm Construction. Xeno Farm Construction II. Soil Enhancement. Xeno Research. Advanced Computing.

Enhanced Miniaturization. Advanced Miniaturization. Expert Miniaturization. Ultimate Miniaturization.

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Supreme Miniaturization. Research Centers. Galactic Understanding.

Galactic civilizations 2 tech tree pdf

Stellar Cartography. Galactic Warfare. Space Militarization.


Space Weapons. Beam Weapon Theory. Plasma Weapons.

Galactic Civilization 3 Guide - #2 - Planetary Management and Specialization

Plasma Weapons II. Plasma Weapons III. Phasors II. Phasors III. Phasors IV. Phasors V.

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Phasors VI. Phasors VII.

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Disruptors II. Disruptors III. Subspace Blaster.

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Subspace Annihilator. Doom Ray. Mass Driver Theory. Mass Drivers II. Mass Drivers III. Singularity Driver.

Singularity Driver II. Singularity Driver III. Singularity Driver IV. Graviton Driver. Graviton Driver II. Graviton Driver III. Psyonic Shredder. Graviton Driver IV. Quantum Driver. Quantum Driver II. Quantum Driver III. HD Spike Driver.

Galactic civilizations 2 tech tree pdf

Neutrino Bullets. Black Hole Gun. Missile Weapon Theory.