Friedrich Schleiermacher Hermeneutica Pdf Viewer

Friedrich schleiermacher hermeneutica pdf viewer

Despite his being the son of a Reformed clergyman, Schleiermacher studied under the Moravian Brethren Herrnhuters , gaining from them an appreciation for the Latin and Greek classics and a strong sense of religious life.


He found the teaching of the Herrnhuters too restrictive, however, because the faculty refused to lecture on current intellectual trends. In he entered the University of Halle, where he studied the philosophies of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant.

After his ordination in he accepted a position as a Reformed preacher in Berlin.

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There he mingled with German romantic philosophers, became a friend of Friedrich von Schlegel, and began a translation of the works of Plato. Apart from a period when he was professor of theology at Halle , most of his life from his ordination in until his death was spent as a preacher and teacher in Berlin.

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From he was professor of theology at the newly founded university there. Religion, he argued, was not a philosophy, nor abstract metaphysical thought, nor natural science, nor adherence to dogmatic formulae, but the "sense and taste for the infinite" consisting primarily in feeling; belief and action are secondary.

Friedrich schleiermacher hermeneutica pdf viewer

Knowledge of the soul and knowledge of God are inseparable? His thought thus has a subjective focus, but it should not on that account be deemed sheer "subjectivism.

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The Speeches are sometimes held to be pantheist in tone, but he did not identify the world with the "infinite and eternal. Friedrich Schleiermacher German theologian and philospher. Summary Biography Works By.

Friedrich schleiermacher hermeneutica pdf viewer

Summary Born November 21, Died February 12, Biography Source: Wikipedia. Works By Friedrich Schleiermacher. Cover Art. Selected Sermons of Schleiermacher: translated by Mary F.

Friedrich schleiermacher hermeneutica pdf viewer