Filemaker Go 13 Pdf Reader

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

With the release of FileMaker 13 , barcode scanning is now a native feature.

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

The action is simple. Select the target field, a container, and from which device you want to insert music library, photo library, camera, video camera, microphone, and signature.

Once you insert the barcode, you can get information about the barcode using the GetAsText and GetContainerAttribute functions.

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With barcode scanning now natively supported in FileMaker 13, there are more reasons to use FileMaker Go for inventory tracking and management. We still believe that a hardware scanner is still faster and more accurate than scanning with the camera on a device.

Is it possible to introduce these PDFs in a container field and can recognize such barcodes?

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

You might be able to accomplish this with a plugin. There are at least two plugins that I know of that let you work with PDF content.

Interactive PDFs in FileMaker Go

The latter lets you download a trial so you can test what you seek to accomplish. Thanks Anders. The first of what you mention me too expensive, and its functionality is limited, as it requires making image cropping to recognize the barcode.

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

And the second is not particularly solves what I need. For now, I renounce it. However, thanks for your directions.

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It seems like a tricky and unique scenario. Great info and articles. Thank you!

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

Unfortunately, the new FM 13 does not support scanning of PDF barcodes directly, which are often used at trade shows.

An alternative is to use a Bluetooth scanner with the iOS device.

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Here is the app and here are the docs. Disclaimer: I work for PhotoPay.

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How about the creation of the bar code itself? What is the best practices solution for creating the printable barcodes in the 1st place?

Unfortunately FileMaker Go 13 still has no way to give audible cues as to what was just scanned.

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In the meantime, please submit this as a feature request to FMI. Hi there!

Barcode Scanning in FileMaker 13

It is just fine to scan a barcode within FMpro13, … but what about generate it? How does it work? Your email address will not be published.

There are currently 16 supported barcode types including QR Codes. Al — There are a few things that can impact the scanning accuracy with an iOS device: — Lighting level in the room — Placement of the barcode on the object — Quality of camera in the device ex.

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Thank you for the informative article. Does anyone know how to use the front camera instead of the back?

Filemaker go 13 pdf reader

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