F 20 Aircraft Specifications Pdf

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf

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Crew: 1 Length: Power: 1 x General Electric FGE afterburning turbofan engine developing 17,lb thrust with reheat. Speed: 1, mph 2, kph; 1, kts Ceiling: 55, feet 16, m; Operators: Bahrain cancelled ; Morocco cancelled ; United States. Of the three Fs completed a fourth was under construction , two were lost during flight testing which claimed the lives of their pilots.

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf

The sole surviving F prototype went on to see the rest of its days as a museum showpiece, suspended in the display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California.

As completed, the F fielded a length of 47 feet, 4 inches with a wingspan of 28 feet and height of 13 feet, 10 inches.

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Empty weight was listed at 13,lb with a maximum take-off weight of 27,lb. Its power was derived from a single General Electric FGE series turbofan engines which supplied the airframe with up to 17,lb of thrust.


Ferry range was out to 1, miles. The aircraft could operated up to a service ceiling of 55, feet and sported a rate-of-climb of 52, feet per minute. Armament-wise, the F featured a standard fitting of 2 x 20mm Pontiac M39A2 internal cannons in the nose assembly.


Each cannon was granted projectiles each and were used for close-in combat or in ground attack strafing actions. The aircraft was given five hardpoints for up to 8,lb of underslung ordnance across one fuselage centerline position and two underwing hardpoints at each wing appendage.

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf

There were also the wingtip hardpoints but these were reserved exclusively for the Sidewinder missile series. As such, the F could be outfitted with an air-to-air or air-to-ground munitions capability depending on operator requirements.

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The aircraft and its onboard systems supported AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles as well as the AGM Maverick air-to-surface missile, the latter a proven weapon for defeating ground targets including tanks. A typical bomb dropping quality was also inherent with support for unguided munitions such as the Mark 80 bomb series. Additional support was given for use of CBU-type cluster bomb weapons and practice ordnance.

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Beyond missiles and bombs, the F was also cleared to fire several types of rocket pods for air-to-ground sorties. The USN sought a new aggressor aircraft for its dogfighting training program - TOP GUN - specifically an aircraft that could mimic the capabilities of Soviet fighters of the day for new generations of Western fighter pilots.

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf

As with others, the USN elected to settle on the excellent F line. The USAF elected not to purchase the F whatsoever - which effectively doomed the line for further development and acceptance in the world market - many saw the lack of USAF endorsement of the Northrop aircraft as an indictment on its value.

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf

Morocco was originally in line with a strong order for Fs but this was cancelled as was a smaller order from Bahrain. Cockpit Picture. Military Pay U.

F 20 aircraft specifications pdf