Dwadziescia Lat Pozniej Pdf Reader

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. What do you call this? I understand some of it I don t understand all of it I want to learn more Lnglish ThanK you for helping rre learn English Jak masz na imle?

What does this word mean?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Doe 8 anybody here speak Polish? Is there a Polish-English dictionary here? Is there an English-Polish dictionary here? How do you say it?

How do you spell your name? Co to slowo znaczy? Co to zdanle znaczy? Czy jest tutaj slownlk polsko- angielski? Czy jest tutan slownik angielsko polski? Jak sig to mdwi?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Jak sie pan ma? Dobrze siq mam, dziekuDQ A ty? A pan?

Reran To jest mdj syn , Kuba Jak sie nazywasz na nazwisko? Where are you from? How many children do you have? Skad pan jest? Jaki jest numer dcrou? Do you have any roney? Do you have change for a quarter? How nuch do 1 owe you? Czy mozesz rozmienid 25 centdw? Will you take a check? Here is ny identification At the post office I would like to buy a none order, please Czy podatek jest wliczony? Czy przyjmiesz czek? What tine do you open in the norning? Are you open on Saturdays and Sundays?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Czy jesteScie otwarci w soboty 1 niedziele 9 We are earlv We rare late What is the date today? Could you tell ne where this place is? At a public place Excuse ne Where is the restroon?

What xs the address? Jaki jest adres? Jak ci to smakuje? Card ID Card? Can you help me? I have a map I could not find it on this nap What, is the address?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Did you have trouble getting here? Czy moze mi pan pomdc?

What gate number please? Excuse me Is this the right bus for Baltimore? Excuse ne What time is the next train to New York City? Excuse me When does Flight leave please?

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When does Flight from Chicago arrive here? At the railroad station Excuse me Where is the locker room?

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Where is the baggage checkout? To porter Could you help ne with the baqqaqe? May I use your phone?

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Do you have his telephone number? Is this your office phone number?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Teleton Przepraszam, czy jest tutaj te - lefon publlczny? Czy masz jego numer telefonu?

Dwadziescia lat pozniej pdf reader

Czy to jest twdj numer w biurze? I would like to send a telegram to toy the least expensive way possible What is the minimum charge? How long will it take to get there?

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To jest tekst telegramu lie bym musial zaplacid? Where la the nearest post off Lee? How much postage does this letter need, please? Gdzie jest najblizsza poczta? On the telephone Operator, this is a nedical emergency Can you help ne? Are you all right?

What seens to be the trouble? Do I have to stay home from work? About how long will I have to stay m bed? Do I have to come back and see you again, doctor?

Do you understand the instruc - tions on the lgbel?

To ph irnacist Do you have anything for a cough? Do you have anything for a sore throat? This food is delicious i Do you like it?

How about a gin and tonic? Would you like a cup of coffee? Do you want a s alad? Czy chcesz salats? Can I try it on?

Where can I try this on? It is too small Do you have larger sizes? It is too tight at the waist The sleeves are too long Do you do alterations? Do you charge extra for alterations? Does this have to be handwashed? Is this machine-washable? Does this have to be ironed? What was the regular price?

Czy to musi byd prane chemicznie 7 Czy moina to prad w dorau? Czy to moie byd prane w pralce? Czy trzeba to prasowad? To jest za drogie Chcialabym co6 tarfszego To jest dla mnie zbyt wyszukane Czy to jest na wyprzedazy? Jaka byla normalna cena?

When will it be ready? Is there a laundromat around here? At the laundromats How much money do you have to put in the washing machine? About how much is a load? Excuse me How do you operate this machine? How much soap should you use for one load? When do you add soap? What kind of detergent do you use?