Douze Mille Verbe Pdf To Word

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

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Numbers are not really easy to write in French. You never know where to put a dash or a s.

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

Please find the complete rules. A few numbers can be written by a single word. When it is not possible to use a single word, numbers are composed by several single words.

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You need to know when to put a dash. In Belgium and Switzerland, 70 and 90 are septante and nonante.

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

In Switzerland, huitante is used for It appears that octante is also used but personally I never heard it. All these characteristics come from former French.

To know why septante and nonante are not used anymore is a still mystery. But one explanation would come from the king Louis XIV.

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His reign was very long. Feeling to age, it did not wish to change ten. Thus he invented a stratagem to remain young.

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He was sixty nine years old and the following year, sixty ten. That makes much younger than seventy! Then, for his eighty years old, easy, he became younger than ever because he had four times twenty years.

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

After all, he was called the Roi soleil Sun King! Millier, million and millard are noun and not adjective. They agree.

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Mille can be written mil but only in a date. Some of these cardinal numeral adjectives can have an ordinal value to express year, day, parts of a work, street number, sovereign name Plural starts at 2.

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

For abbreviations, final letters are used. In , the French Academy introduced new speling rules. It is now easier to write small numbers.

Douze mille verbe pdf to word

All numbers are composed with a dash: trois-cent-vingt-quatre.