Doug Dietz Design Thinking Pdf

Doug dietz design thinking pdf

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A creative mindset can be a powerful force for looking beyond the status quo. In fact, if we try to search around for some of the most effective design models, then we can clearly see that these models were backed by a much larger picture, with a greater purpose for good. At this thought, my mind tickles with a thought.

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In order to build creative confidence in younger people it is important to show them the bigger picture, make them realize the importance of the accomplishment they will achieve through building this skill. They should be able to picture it and feel good for the difference they can bring about. Log in.

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The Design Thinking Journey: Tragedy into Triumph - Doug Dietz - TEDxStGeorgesSchoolMiddletown

Written by DeletedUser , Oct 03, Transforming healthcare for children and their families. Pirate's ship. This moment changed his perspective forever and he knew he had to make a change.

Design better. Faster. Together.

He enrolled in an executive education course at Stanford's d. This workshop is what ignited Doug's creative confidence.

Doug knew he wouldn't be able to secure significant funding to redesign an MRI machine from scratch, so he focused on the experience instead. He and his team transformed the MRI machine into a kid's adventure story with the patient starring in the lead role.

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Doug and his team applied colorful decals to the outside of the machine and on every surface of the room, covering the equipment, floor, ceilings and walls. They also created a script for the technician to lead their patients through the adventure.

Doug dietz design thinking pdf

Some of the prototypes included a pirate ship — a captain's wheel surrounding the opening of the chamber made the area feel less claustrophobic, where the patient gets to pick a treasure from the pirate's chest at the end. And another — a space ship — the banging of the machine simulating the shuttle shifting into "hypermode.

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Patients were happier. Hospitals were happier.

Doug dietz design thinking pdf

His greatest achievement however was when a little girl once asked her mom after the scan: "can we come back tomorrow?

Approach a problem with a creative mindset like Doug did, and so many new opportunities present themselves. Thank you for joining us on this adventure! Written by.

Doug dietz design thinking pdf

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Doug dietz design thinking pdf

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