Doctor Who The Eight Doctors Pdf Converter

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

The Eight Doctors by Terrance Dicks. Cover Blurb. When he recovers, the disorientated Doctor looks in a mirror and sees the face of a stranger. But the Doctor soon finds the TARDIS transporting him to various other places in order in order to recover all his memories -- and that involves seeing seven strangely-familiar faces It takes place immediately after the TV movie. The Doctor, concerned about aspects of his adventure in San Francisco , checks out the Eye of Harmony to ensure all is well -- and triggers a trap set by the Master, which erases all memory of his identity.

There, drug dealer Baz Bailey has cornered Sam Jones, a schoolgirl who informed on him out to the police, with the intention of forcing her to take crack and getting her addicted. Bailey, desperate to get his drugs back before his supplier demands payback, arranges for his supporters to cause a riot at the police station as a distraction; in the confusion, however, the Doctor manages to get away from his interrogators, and takes the cocaine with him to dispose of it elsewhere.

The Doctor departs, leaving the First Doctor with something to think about.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

Exploring further, the Doctor passes through a wall of mist and finds himself on a World War One battlefield, where he is captured by the equally confused German Lieutenant Lucke. Realizing that the Doctor does not belong to this time zone, the general sends him via time machine to the HQ at the centre of the zones, but he arrives just as the human resistance overpowers the aliens who have brought them to this planet to fight war games.

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The Doctor meets his second incarnation, and once again Time is suspended while they share memories. This time the Doctor advises his past incarnation to summon the Time Lords for help, even though it will mean risking his own capture.

The Second Doctor points out that by crossing his own timeline, the Eighth Doctor has risked changing history; there is no guarantee that the Second Doctor will survive his encounter with the Time Lords just because the Eighth exists. Nevertheless, he reluctantly agrees to do so, and the Eighth Doctor departs as the Time Lords arrive to put matters right again.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

The Third Doctor, exiled to twentieth-century Earth, has just blown up a Sea-Devil base to save humanity , but in the confusion the Master has escaped from imprisonment. They arrive to find him holding the white witch Olive Hawthorne hostage and awaiting his chance to kill the Doctor, but before he can do so Miss Hawthorne taps the power of the elementals in the crypt and the Master is overpowered by the sudden release of telekinetic energy.

Once again the Doctors share memories, but the Third Doctor does so reluctantly, blaming the Eighth for the advice which resulted in his forced regeneration and exile. The Master returns to make one final attempt to kill his enemy, but is caught off guard by the presence of a future Doctor, and the two incarnations join forces to drive him away again.

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The Fourth Doctor discusses preventive measures with the rebel leader Kalmar, but while he does so Romana is led into a trap and captured by Lord Zarn, the leader of a vampire coven in the nearby forest.

Zarn fears that the peasants, emboldened by the death of the Three Who Rule, will now turn on the other Lords, and intends therefore to transform the Doctor and Romana into vampires to create a new King and Queen.

Doctor Who The Eight 001 The Eight Doctors

The Eighth Doctor departs, with more pieces of his memory fitting into place. Back on Gallifrey, the Time Lords detect temporal instability and discover that the Doctor is crossing his own timestream. Ryoth, incensed, alerts the Celestial Intervention Agency, and the Interventionists decide to use him as a deniable agent.

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He is therefore taken to the legendary Timescoop , which was preserved after the Death Zone incident, and is left to use it as he sees fit. The Eighth Doctor arrives just in time, and the Raston robot, confused by the presence of two identical brain patterns in separate locations, is unable to decide which to attack first and seizes up.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

He thus reactivates it, and the robot slaughters its way through the Sontarans. The Doctors then rig up a device to generate temporal feedback, and when the infuriated Ryoth attempts to send a Drashig after them, it materializes instead in the Timescoop chamber, where it eats both Ryoth and the Timescoop machinery before being caught and destroyed by Chancellory guards.

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The Doctor then arrives on a Gallifreyan space station, where the Sixth Doctor has just been found guilty of genocide and is being marched off to face execution. Before this can happen, the Doctors go to Gallifrey to contact President Niroc and demand an inquiry into the trial; why is it being held on a station so far away from Gallifrey and where did the Valeyard acquire the power to force an alternate timeline?

As the flustered Niroc prepares for the inquiry, the Doctors contact former President Flavia, who was forced to step down following rumours that the Matrix had been compromised; the non-entity Niroc was unexpectedly elected in her place, and he has filled the High Council with his supporters and instituted new security procedures which have caused much unrest amongst the Shobogans.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

When the Sixth Doctor began to stumble across the truth, they struck a deal with Niroc and the Valeyard in order to get the Doctor out of the way and cover up their incompetence. The Master appears and informs the board that he has revealed the truth to the Gallifreyans, intending to provoke a rebellion and seize control of Gallifrey in the ensuing chaos.

While Flavia tries to keep the angry Time Lords in check, the Doctor visits the Low Town where the ordinary Gallifreyans live, and convinces his friends amongst the Shobogans to hold off on the rebellion.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

Rassilon summons Borusa from an earlier timeline and sends him to the Panopticon, where the Time Lords, shocked by the return of the legendary figure, allow him to lead them to a peaceful solution. A deal is struck with the Shobogans, the corrupt High Council is impeached, and the Sixth Doctor -- having successfully defeated the Valeyard, his own dark side -- departs with his companion Mel.

The Doctor sets off for his final encounter with his seventh self. Seeking solace on the planet Metebelis 3 , the depressed Seventh Doctor is captured by a giant spider who has survived the destruction of her colony, but the Eighth Doctor arrives and rescues him.

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The Master, meanwhile, hoping to cheat death and lead the Doctor into a final trap, visits a tribe known as the Morgs and acquires one of their deathworms, symbiotic creatures which enable them to survive beyond death. Having absorbed the deathworm into himself, the Master then travels to Skaro to lay a final trap for the Doctor.

The police arrive just in time to capture Bailey with the cocaine which the Doctor has returned to him, but as the Doctor prepares to depart, Sam leaps into the TARDIS at the last moment.

The Doctor insists that she return home immediately, but she insists that he let her take at least one trip to see the Universe.

When he identifies himself as Doctor John Smith, she points out that her last name is Jones -- and with names like Smith and Jones, they might almost have been made for each other. The Second Doctor warns his future self that by crossing his timeline, he risks changing events in his own past as was implied in The Two Doctors.

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Later, the Eighth Doctor assures his third self that his incarnation will end his life with a noble gesture. Since the Doctor is crossing his own timeline, this seems more than likely. Less explicable is the destruction of the Timescoop, which was blown up in Goth Opera or rather, immediately after Blood Harvest.

Doctor who the eight doctors pdf converter

We can only speculate as to how these events might be reconciled. Author Terrance Dicks has also used them in the novels Shakedown and Warmonger.

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According to this novel, the Master is still suffering from the Cheeta infection he contracted in Survival when he absorbs the deathworm and travels to Skaro to set up the TV-movie , which contradicts The Doctor takes Sam on a trip to the Seychelles in the short story Bounty , in which he decides to keep her on as a companion.

However, at some point after this, he drops her off at a Greenpeace rally and forgets her there while he takes care of business elsewhere. According to Sam in Vampire Science , while she was at the rally for an hour, the Doctor was gone for three years. So far only the Radio Times comic strip has been explicitly identified as taking place in that gap, but we have speculated that other Eighth Doctor adventures, including the Big Finish audios, also take place in that time.

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The method of turning one into a vampire described in this story -- prolonged blood-drinking over a number of nights, prompting a forced mutation into a vampire -- contradicts other vampire stories such as Blood Harvest , Goth Opera , or Vampire Science , where it actually is, as the Fourth Doctor says, 'one quick nip and we're in the vampire club'. However, while discussing it with Romana, the Doctor does say 'for these vampires, at least', suggesting that this means of transformation is not the norm for every vampire in the universe.

While pondering the Doctor's interaction with his other selves, Flavia mentions the events of The Three Doctors , The Five Doctors , and The Two Doctors as other events where multiple incarnations were present.

She neglects to mention Cold Fusion Where the Fifth and Seventh Doctors met or The Sirens of Time Featuring the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors , but this neglect could be explained; the Doctors' actions in Sirens erased the events in the adventure from history, so presumably their meeting ceased to have ever occurred in the first place, and in Cold Fusion the destabilisation to the timeline could have been so great that the Time Lords failed to notice a little detail like the Doctor crossing his own time stream on top of everything else they had to deal with.