Conways All The Worlds Fighting Ships 1860 Pdf Writer

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

An article concerning the constructed and planned battlecruisers of the Japanese Empire.

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

This is the final article in my work on the Kongo class and Japanese battlecruisers. It's also my first-ever list, so I'm wanting to get a high-calibre review finished before I take it through the FLC process so as to hammer out all the bugs.

She's also one of the three BBs still on the bottom of Scapa Flow. I wrote this article just the other day, it passed GA this morning, and I feel it's ready for A-class. Thanks to all who take the time to review this article. Parsecboy talk , 27 September UTC. Support per usual disclaimer. Almirante Latorre was Chile's flagship and the most powerful dreadnought in South America from the s to the s.

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

Deactivated in the 30s due to the Great Depression, she served through the Second World War — even garnering an purchasing offer from the United States after Pearl Harbor — and was active until She was scrapped in Japan starting in I would appreciate a quick check of my copyediting. This article has gradually undergone a rewrite over the last few weeks. Passed its GA earlier this week thanks to Jim Sweeney for reviewing it , and has had some minor copyediting done since.

I believe it meets the A-Class Requirements. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because after spending several weeks working on it in my sandbox. I recently moved it it the main space. Having asked for an assessment, the list was initially given start-class designation as I needed more citations in the lead.

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

I've corrected that and cited the whole list and User:Woody The one who reviewed the list for the B-class criteria now says that he sees no outstanding issues with the list and encouraged me to send it to ACR. So here I am again!

I've done this before with the List of battleships of Austria-Hungary and have modeled this list off of that of the Austro-Hungarian and German ones.

Any comments wold be appreciated!

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Support on prose only per usual disclaimer. I would appreciate it if someone would check my copyediting. Comment Is this ACR winding down? As usual I'm concerned about the amount of information provided, whether too much or not enough. Thoughts on this issue from Australian editors are welcome.

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Sturmvogel 66 talk , 21 September UTC. Outstanding concern that I have is source-related: note 42 and note 59 ; although there is explicit attribution, I'm skeptical that their inclusion would be accepted at an FAC. I have replaced naval-history. Now Supporting , good job. I'm still not real comfortable with lists and would like opinions regarding the amount of detail in the lede and in the class paragraphs.

Much more than documents.

Are they appropriate; if not what needs to be added or deleted? Does the lede cover everything that it needs to? Thanks in advance. I'm almost finished copyediting. Other than the things that Sturm mentions he's thinking about, it appears to me he's fielded the comments from Parsecboy and Ed, except that I agree with Parsecboy about the "cordite" sentence.

If someone could get these before these articles get to FAC, the noms would probably shower you with barnstars. Yet another German battleship - this was the lead ship of the last class of pre-dreadnoughts.

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I wrote this back in April and it passed a GA review at that time. I think this article is pretty close to A-class standards, hence the nomination.

Parsecboy talk , 8 September UTC. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because I've incorporated many of the suggestions made on the related articles and I think that it's ready.

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Sturmvogel 66 talk , 5 September UTC. Support - I did some copyediting and spotted no glaring errors.

File:HMS Glorious last picture. Overall, it looks good, but needs a few tweaks before I can support. Dana boomer talk , 16 September UTC. The third of the Kongo class battlecruisers, sunk at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in one of the two battleship duals of the pacific war.

This article has undergone a gradual rewrite; recently passed a thorough GA. As such I am nominating for A-Class. Support , per usual disclaimer , although it won't pass FAC without attention to some of the problems I mentioned.

Yet another of my German dreadnoughts, Kaiser was the lead ship of the third class built by the Imperial Navy. The ship conducted a long-distance cruise to South America shortly before the outbreak of World War I, and participated in most of the fleet actions of the conflict.

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I look forward to working with reviewers with the goal of eventually taking this article to FAC. Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to review this article. Parsecboy talk , 19 August UTC. I've done Operation Albion and Battle of Jutland in many other articles, so I didn't look this time; I assume those subsections are fine. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because I think it's ready. One of the only two ships in history to have served as a battleship or battlecruiser in combat and then to be fully converted into an aircraft carrier.

Have no fear, you'll have the opportunity to read about the other in a month or so.

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

Sturmvogel 66 talk , 16 August UTC. Support , per usual disclaimer. There may be more to come. Hope this all helps. I am nominating this article for A-Class review as I am attempting to make it a Featured article and a thorough A-class review is an important part of the process. Many thanks to everybody who reviews or otherwise improves the article. Note: Article is still at GAN, but only issue remaining is a copyright tag on an image, which will be resolved soon or the picture replaced Yoenit talk , 8 August UTC.

Support I think, per usual disclaimer. The last of the four Nassau -class battleships to grace the hallowed Milhist ACR page, Rheinland was the first vessel to be laid down but the third completed.

Conways all the worlds fighting ships 1860 pdf writer

I wrote this article primarily in May, and it has since passed a Good Article review and been copy-edited by Dank. I feel the article is at or close to A-class quality, and I look forward to working with the reviewers toward improving this article for an eventual run at FAC.

Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to examine the article.

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Parsecboy talk , 26 July UTC. I finished up the copyediting I was asking for help with. Support -- prose, sourcing, and supporting materials all look good. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because I think that it's ready. Be advised that most every image of these ships in Commons is unsourced and unusable at this level.

Also, please be specific in your comments on prose issues. Generic comments are not very helpful and do not allow me to identify the problem s so I can fix them. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because it has passed GA review, and I believe it meets the necessary requirements.

Benea talk , 22 July UTC.

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I added some links you might want to check to ensure your happy with them -- Jim Sweeney talk , 22 July UTC. If forced to choose one ship article out of the last 20 to make into a movie, it would be this one, it's not even close.

The last article in a future FT. These ships saw five of the major world powers of the time—France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States—competing over the contracts to build them.

Argentina used this hypercompetition to get what were probably the most advanced battleships in the world, but they were quickly eclipsed by more powerful and more numerous fleets of the major powers. Still, the intrigue during and even after their construction was surprisingly interesting to me; I hope it is to you as well. Just finished a second copyedit; comments welcome.

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Support It looks good on the first quick read I gave so far. Good job Ed and all. I am nominating this article for A-Class review because I think that it meets the standard and it's part of my nefarious scheme to bring all the British BCs up to FA class.

Sturmvogel 66 talk , 6 July UTC. Comment - the first and third paras of "design and description" have slightly different accounts of the importance of the 'Baltic project' to the design - there should probably be only one paragraph discussing the Baltic project, setting out all the relevant points of view. A few questions:. Support minor issues that I brought up have all been addressed.

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One issue of wording has not been addressed but I am reasonably certain that it will be resolved. Since it is insignificant, there is no reason not to support this nomination. It's improved a lot since it was first put up for A-class review!