Clustering In Sql Server 2008 Pdf995

Clustering in sql server 2008 pdf995

Clustering is a high availability solution for your SQL Server databases.


Servers configured using Cluster Service share common data as a single system. Every server operate independently of other servers in the cluster.

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So if one server fails, another server takes over its functions. Each node has its own memory, system disk, operating system, and subset of the resources in the cluster.

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If one node fails, another one takes ownership of the resources of the failed node. When the failed server is brought back online, the cluster service can be configured to redistribute resources and client requests.

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There are several server clustering techniques, including shared disks and mirrored disks, to consider using, depending on your needs and budget. Making these decisions requires that you consider the role of server clusters in your site.

Clustering in sql server 2008 pdf995

Here we have to specify servers which will access this Virtual Disk. Click on Add.

Installing a SQL Server Failover Clustered Instance

Which we are going to assign them in further. Click next. This is required to join our node1 and node2 machine in domain and.

Clustering in sql server 2008 pdf995

Close Menu Asp. Sql Server.

Clustering in sql server 2008 pdf995

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