Classic Battletech Technical Readout 3025 Pdf Printer

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

The Jenner always reminded me of a turtle on legs. So painting went fairly easy.

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All painting patterns are going to be fairly simple so I hope this project will not need much time. The bases were 3D-printed with grey PLA filament. The Jenner is a 30 year old model which comes from a sealed box.

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Despite of this, the model looks fairly oxidized and I wonder how the colour will look like. So, this was a try to 3D-print a Leopard dropship for BattleTech. It was printed in one session and to save time I changed the settings to a lower resolution than recommended.

Claasic Battletech Tabletop: How do I play?

Still, printing took more than twelve hours but it turned out resolution was much too low. Additionally, the bright blue colour of the filament does not really fit the topic and gives it a rather cheap toyish look. However, I still think, with some paint on it, it will still do the job as a scenic craft that came down just too hard in the midst of battle and lost a fin in the process. Again, thingiverse was the treasure chest where I found this 3D-model. Maybe playing a wargame with your old plastic figures and tanks from old childhood memories?

That was my first thought when I read about Airfix Battles for the first time. Well, this is not exactly it but it comes close enough. First of all, Airfix Battles is not really Airfix but Modiphius , probably better known for roleplaying games. Maybe the producers were just clever to use the Airfix logo on their game to get more attention.

It worked! Otherwise, Airfix Battles could be just another wargame which would work quite well without the logo. But as the author, Chris Birch, once said in an interview , he also had thoughts about childhood memories when he created the game.

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

For several decades the brand Airfix was a synonym for the hobby of scale modelling. But during the 80s their success declined as scale modelling became less popular. Only in recent years, Airfix was sold to another company, the brand is more on the go. Maybe this a reason why they let Modiphius use their logo on their Introductory Wargame.

Airfix Battles is a simple to learn wargame which can either be played with the cardboard counters from the box or with plastic soldiers and tanks from any company. The game includes two 59,0 x 41,5 cm two-sided poster-maps on thick paper as well as buildings and obstacles on cardboard counters. Preparation for a typical game takes only a few minutes time.

Technical Readout: 3025

The rules are easy to learn with a scenario-based tutorial system. Ideal if you want to play with kids As long as they know enough English!

But also experienced wargamers will have a lot of fun with Airfix Battles. However, some limits of the gameplay will become obvious after a while if you are used to more complex games. A lot of reviews are already around on the net e. No need to repeat that but here are two aspects of the game I would like to single out. This is not a new idea in a game but adds a lot to the fun of Airfix Battles.

Current Source for Vehicle Stats/Campaign Planning

Command Cards bring the element of surprise. Each player has a certain number of these cards which grant Special Orders, which are unknown to your opponent. This brings more tactical options, for example, some cards give the option to move further or move AND shoot, what is usually not allowed. But of course, that means, luck and coincidence play an even greater part in the game.

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

The Valour Counter is only a small detail in the game but the idea is genius! Only one player can own the Valour Counter at a time. If you have it, you can decide to re-roll a roll of any number of dice.

After that the counter goes to your opponent, who has this option now.

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

The second roll has to be accepted. In our games the Valour Counter already contributed to a lot of fun. When bad luck strikes again there is at least a second chance. Airfix Battles is recommended to be played with the cheap and easy to get figures from Airfix , Revell or similar companies.

Using figures adds a lot of fun and depth to the game. The houses look too small in contrast to figures, tanks would use up more than a single square on the map. A nice side effect: When storing the game components, they use much less space.

BattleTech Urban Warfare - BattleTech Extended 3025 Commander's Edition Episode 1

For infantry I use figures from The Plastic Soldier Company , which offers a wide array of choices for a reasonable price. These are cheap, easy and fast to build and do not necessarily have to be painted. Airfix Battles is open for a lot of expansions which will hopefully come. The first two editions offered new scenarios and cards for home-printing.

Modiphia is available by download via drivethrurpg in pdf-format.

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

Airfix Battles is a great game. It brings back memories from a long time ago. Frankly, a lot of childhood memory revivals end up in disappoinmtent e.

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TV shows, ice cream. Airfix Battles did not disappoint me and brings new worthwhile memories and fun in form of building new models and having great gaming sessions. Experienced players will definitly see the limits of the game mechanics but, nevertheless, playing can still be fun when there is no time for larger games. Airfix Battles could also be a nice choice for fathers and sons to find a common interest and for introducing friends to the world of wargames, who did not have the luck to play such games, so far.

The Panther is one of my favourite Mechs. Not only because it is essentially a fast moving PPC which can even jump but because the design looks great.

Wargaming Blog

My first idea for a color scheme was a blueish grey. A lot of inspiration for painting BattleMechs can be found on www. The model was already partly primed in black when I got it. For decoration I filled the base with White Pumice Vallejo , put in some small stones and left it to dry for overnight. The armor plates were painted with Sombre Grey Vallejo GC48 while leaving out the inner parts of the joints knees, arms, neck , the PPC and the panel lines of the armor as good as possible.

I did not mind to achieve an even coloured surface on the armor plates. A tall construct like a BattleMech will never look brand anyway new in times of fighting and an uneven color adds to the effect.

BattleTech Alpha Strike Preview 2

The base got a layer of Graveyard Earth GW. These washes are great to achieve a quick good looking effect of depth. From this point on you already have a nice looking miniature.

Give it a coat of varnish, glue some green on the base and it would be ok for any gaming table. The eyes were painted Mechrite Red as a base colour, covered by Blood Red and with a tiny spot of White in the corner of each eye. In order to save time I usually do only one layer of highlights. To my mind this is enough for gaming purposes.

In this case, highlighting was a mixture of painting the edges and drybrushing. The base was drybrushed mit Dheneb Stone GW. This adds to the realness because Mechs in combat should have a dirty look about them, anyway.

After that the margin of the base got a second layer of Graveyard Earth to achieve an even surface and mask some excess of Dheneb Stone. Finally, to give it some more life, I added two decals from my bits box, a unit symbol and a number.

Much more than documents.

Before adding decals, I put on some gloss varnish on the spots where I will put them. This way they will stick better. After putting the decal on, I use some decal softener for better adhesion.

Classic battletech technical readout 3025 pdf printer

In this case I put on a second layer, as matt varnish has a reputation of being less protective than gloss varnish. I think this Kitty will be touched quiet a lot. A rather basic style of painting but done in a reasonable amount of time.

Generally I am satisfied with the result although some more highlights would probably have been nicer. On our vacation trip this summer we came to Dartmoor. Dartmoor intrigues me for its barren landscape but there are also wonderful historical villages and towns.

The fruits of the community's labors

Tavistock is one of these towns at the edge of the Moor. For me the best about Tavistock was the old Pannier Market, an indoor market which looks back on a more than year old tradition. On certain days even private tradespeople can offer their goods there. And I did not leave with empty hands!

Technical Readout: 3025 Revised

In Pannier Market I found an old unopened Warhammer box and got it for 16 pounds in a small scale model shop. With 16 minis in the box that is 1 pound each ca. That is what I call a bargain! In the past I owned some High Elves and Skaven but never played the game and sold the stuff later.