Car Company Logos With Names Pdf Files

Car company logos with names pdf files

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The famous Ferrari 'prancing horse' is actually called cavallino rampante in Italian. It became the insignia of Ferrari after Enzo Ferrari had it painted on his racing car in He had it painted in honor of Italian WWI hero Francesco Baracca, who used to paint a similar horse on the side of his plane. These are, in fact, the names of some of the most famous car logos in the world.

The Prancing Horse and the Raging Bull, logos of Ferrari and Lamborghini, respectively, signify the quintessential Italian supercar better than anything else, while the Flying Lady and the Flying B, symbols of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, respectively, stand for the most luxurious mode of travel you can have on the road.

Car company logos with names pdf files

Many such logos of car companies have become famous over the years, and are now instantly recognizable. The success of Honda and Toyota means that their stylized 'H' and 'T' logos are easily recognized all over the world, while the success of the German automobile industry can be seen in the widespread acknowledgement of the trident of Mercedes-Benz or the four rings of Audi.

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Here is a list of some of the most famous car logos in the automobile world. Famous Car Logos with Names.

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Car company logos with names pdf files

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Car company logos with names pdf files

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Car company logos with names pdf files

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Car company logos with names pdf files

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