Calgro M3 Holdings Fleurhof Pdf

Calgro m3 holdings fleurhof pdf

Fleurhof is a ha privately owned property in the process of being developed in partnership with the City of Johannesburg and as one of South Africa's premier integrated residential projects. The 10 units of Fleurhof is situated south west of Johannesburg next to the existing Fleurhof residential township. It is set to be one of the largest integrated housing developments in Gauteng and included in the Premier's Mega projects pronounced during April Included within the Ha of land is a mine dump in the process of being cleared which will result, once all environmental requirements have been met, in yielding an additional 5 residential units to be developed within the near future.

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The Fleurhof project, on completion, will provide housing for an estimated 83 people. Various green initiatives of energy saving technologies such as solar water heaters, heat pumps, improved insulation, gas and recycling projects have been implemented and initiatives such as food gardening and urban greening are currently being investigated. Besides the green component, the added benefit of these measures will also reduce electricity demand by the development and make the township socially and visually more attractive.

Financial results

A new water reservoir is being constructed while Fleurhof will obtain electricity from the shared sub-station the group implemented for the Pennyville project. Estimated project revenue is R4, billion.

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All of the bulk and link Infrastructure upgrades that are being done as part of the Fleurhof Development are not all project specific requirements. The City of Johannesburg is utilizing the project as a catalyst to drive infrastructure development within the area to unlock future residential developments along Main Reef Road in Roodepoort.

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Fleurhof Drive will be the new dual carriage regional access into Soweto, linking the more affluent neighborhoods Florida, Roodepoort in the north with the previously disadvantage neighborhoods Meadowlands in the south. The regional reservoir and the bulk water pipeline along Main Reef Road are being built as part of the general upgrading of infrastructure in the old mining corridor along Main Reef Road.

Calgro M3 reports 4% dip in full-year revenue

The infrastructure will alleviate the current pressure on the water infrastructure and will also provide capacity for the future residential developments to be undertaken within this corridor. The construction of the Fleurhof Sub-Station is being undertaken by City of Johannesburg with the financial backing of the Department of Energy.

The sub-station will provide capacity for the future residential development within the old mining corridor along Main Reef Road. Infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer, reticulation and storm water facilities.

Calgro m3 holdings fleurhof pdf

Calgro M3 is the developer of choice in selected markets through the consistent delivery of homes, rental units and memorial parks of the highest quality. Contact us.

Calgro m3 holdings fleurhof pdf

CSI An important aspect of operating as a responsible and sustainable business in South Africa is ensuring that we contribute to the real transformation of our country through our procurement policies and the mentorship and support of black-owned businesses, particularly SMMEs.

Group performance Cash generated from operations amounts to R million. Group at a glance Calgro M3 is a property and property-related investment company that is a market leader in the development of Integrated Residential Developments, Residential Rental Investments and the development and management of Memorial Parks.

Calgro m3 holdings fleurhof pdf