Al Arabiya Bayna Yadayk Pdf To Excel

Al arabiya bayna yadayk pdf to excel

All praises and perfection belong to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. The harsh hostile treatment of the Muslims by the Quraysh necessitated the hijrah to Madinah in the 14th year of prophethood. The establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in Madinah was a major task that required utmost piety, zeal and exemplary leadership. The masjid served as a place for worship and religious learning, shelter for the homeless Muslims and headquarters for administrative duties.

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This example from the Seerah shows the importance of establishing headquarters for discussing important state affairs, strategic planning and coordinating execution. Examples of these from the Seerah include his participation in the building of the masjid An-nabawiy and his invocation for his companions Al-Mubarakpuri, ;.

No bliss is there but that of the hereafter, I beseech you to forgive the Emigrants and helpers. This brotherhood, which was based on taqwa, eliminated all societal ills arising from racism, family lineage and social standing.

Another example was the elimination of the decades-long feud between the Aws and Khazraj, which was weakening their society. The beauty of this arrangement can be seen in the sacrifices and selflessness of the ansaar and the corresponding gratitude and non-exploitation of the bounties displayed by the muhajiroon.

It was however decided that the migrants would work in the orchards along with the helpers and the yeild would be divided equally among them. This love is essential for a state to grow and thrive — its citizens must love one another and be willing to accommodate and tolerate each other without pride, jealousy, greed and rancor.

Al arabiya bayna yadayk pdf to excel

The fair treaty, devoid of inter-tribal hostilities and enmity, was novel for its time. These alliances were sometimes diplomatic — aiming at protecting the Muslims and safeguarding their interests while others were for eliminating threats and hostility.

The Muslims had opponents such as hostile Arab tribes and the Quraysh. Thus, if they were weak, these opponents would use flimsy reasons as a pretext for all-out war. This virtue was displayed with Abu Jindal during the events of the treaty of Hudaybiyyah. He came in chains and was returned to the mushrikeen in honor of the treaty.

Al arabiya bayna yadayk pdf to excel

The following hadith shows this:. Be patient and ask God to grant you patience, God will surely help you and those who are persecuted and make it easy for you.

We have signed an agreement with them and we certainly do not betray or act treacherously. He honored the nobles and also did not look down on the poor and needy. Rather, everyone felt important and was treated nicely. The absence of bias and establishment of justice was also very prominent; an example was the incident of the Qurayshi elite who stole. By God!


If Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut her hand off. Fairness lies in the universal application of rules and is an essential ingredient for establishing a society.

Al arabiya bayna yadayk pdf to excel

The Zakaah was paid and distributed to the poor to help them cope with the tough conditions. This self-care helped propel the society to even greater heights. As a leader and messenger, he never displayed an attitude of know-all. Instead, he consulted his companions on every matter with no revelation about.

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An example was the strategizing during the preparation for the battle of trench, he seek advice from the companions on great tactics to employ. It was the idea of one companions to dig trenches which prevented the enemies from getting access to them.

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Rather he chose to live a simple life, helping the poor and striving to meet their needs. These few points are some of the numerous lessons amongst his exceptional leadership skills which the Muslim society must employ for the establishment of a successful society. I intended taking a short break which later resorted in a long vacation sml.

Over time, you can add to it. However, below are few important tips to keep in mind;. The person getting married should have a sincere intention as to the reasons for going into it. Their priority should be in order;. Through reliance on Allah and strong commitment to make it work, we would always emerge stronger Insha Allah.

Both partners were born and raised in entirely different environment, so no doubt you would have your differences.

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The ability to communicate your likes and dislikes respectfully amongst each other would help a great deal in your journey. Instead, hear and let yourself be heard as well. Trust me, she would appreciate this more than you imagine. The better of them is the one who gives the greeting of salaam first. May Allah save us from this. Couple should strive their best to resolve any grievances between them as soon as possible.

Going to bed with unresolve issues makes things harder as this might cause them to harden their resolution to keep on with their grudges. Instead, we often try to shift blame or rather make excuses for our actions. To be realistic, most a time, the children would have rearranged the house; all in the name of helping out or while having fun.

Painted themselves in rainbow, the wife; too busy to even look at the mirror. Everybody have their struggles, yet they kept it to themselves , working together to make things better.

Personally, I miss home so much that I feel like crying Sometimes. At times, it might just be the remedy she needed to relieve the built up stress or home sickness lol.

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They can also listen to lectures together over dinner and discuss the lessons afterwards. The little time spent together also enriches the bond. Yet, Spouses should complement each other often. DUAA : Do keep in mind that not all well wishers means well and evil eyes are definately real. So, never leave your duaas, ask Allah to always make you see the best in each other. They should also help in bringing out the hidden potentials in each other.

All thanks to my husband,I never taught I could be a writer, let alone enjoy it so much.

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A home built upon the fear of Allah would thrive by His mercy putting in place all ingredients which can help enhance a successful home. This is indeed a long essay, just take your time to read through, ponder over them and apply. May Allah benefit both the writer and the readers with this write-up, enrich us where we fall short and improve us in our good areas.

All Praise and Perfection belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. The following paragraphs covers the summarized development of Hadeeth literature from the Saheefah of the Sahabas up to the present day apps. This restriction was later lifted when there was no longer any fear of mixing up between the two sources.

Moreover, the newly established Islamic State in Madinah needed this information to guide legal codes, statements, discourses, trades and transactions. The main goal during this stage was the recording of Ahaadeeth with no preference for particular formats. This period marked the beginning of massive hadiths narrations.

Al arabiya bayna yadayk pdf to excel

The authentication of hadith narrations began during the reign of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, who only accepted ahadeeth from reliable people. Umar ibn Al-Khattaab initially thought about the compilation of hadith. The fabrication of hadeeth to justify practices emerged in the 1 st century of hijrah after Islam had spread into the Middle East, India, and North Africa.

Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk - Book 1 - Unit 1 - Part 1/3

Thus the scholars began composing books on the biographical information of various narrators, which could be used to verify their reliability and expose fabricators.

A famous scholar of this time was Ibn Shihaab az-Zuhree.


This period marked the beginning of systematic compilation of hadeeths. Another notable work is al-Saheehah The Authentic One compiled by Hammam Ibn Munabbih which is amongst the earliest work still available till date. The science of isnaad was fully developed by the end of the first century. This showed that isnaad was used sparingly when people were trustworthy however when the fitnah occurred, the scholars became cautious.

A greater need for more organized hadith classification arose in this period and was primarily due to the need for legal rulings. Consequently, an improved hadith organization and classification work known as the Musannaf emerged; these compilations were classified under the subject matter. Opinions attributed to the Sahabas, their successors, other leading jurists and sometimes those of the complier were also included.

None of these works exist in present time except Al-Muwatta. The third developmental stage was known as the stage of the Musnad. This was characterized by collating ahadeeth based on the companion to whom the ahadeeth were traced. The Musnad stage started close to the end of the 2 nd century after hijrah. The ahadeeth scholars sought to extract authentic ahadeeth from the earlier compilations.

These scholars excluded the commentaries and notes present in the Musannaf works and classified ahadeeth deemed authentic based on the branches of Islamic Law. These criteria were the standard for filtering out false, fabricated and doubtful ahadeeth.

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The sound and the good ahadeeth were accepted and used as a source of law. Weak ahadeeth which did not have fabrication or lying flaws were also accepted but not as a source of legal ruling.

The compilation of hadiths in this form continued throughout the third and fourth century and scores of ahadeeth scholars produced prolific volumes of ahadeeth literature. The early part of the 3 rd century brought about an intensified effort in the collection of Saheeh ahadeeth as these were essential in resolving jurisprudential matters.

“Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk”

Thus, the criteria for ahadeeth acceptability at this stage were stricter than those of the Musnad. The compilations also differed in classification, being subject-based and covering issues such as faith, exegesis and social welfare amongst others. The variety of subject matter in this work improved the study of hadith science and criticism. Jurists, students and laymen could easily look up references and researchers could do deeper investigations.

This classification of hadiths has been regarded as the final stage in the historical development of hadith literature.