Acuerdo Ministerial 220 Pdf Creator

Acuerdo ministerial 220 pdf creator

An historic journey through images of streets and buildings of Hastings post-earthquake — most of which no longer exist, with some remnants as I recall from my later childhood growing up in Hastings and fragments mentioned by old timers, compiled from the many images available.

I have corrected the dates to the images where necessary plus adding a few comments of explanation. Post is a far different era than the later Christchurch earthquake with its Red Zone land confiscation! Guthrie a Farmer at Hatuma, Richard was one of many who went to Napier as a volunteer labourer to help search and clear away the rubble.

There was a short period of peaceful economic recovery til [till] the WW2 shortages and the post-war boom era, Richard Burns died at Hastings Ninety-three people were killed in Hastings by the Earthquake which destroyed or damaged almost every building in the town.

Acuerdo ministerial 220 pdf creator

Royston private hospital in Avenue Rd was damaged, so the staff set-up emergency quarters at the Hastings Racecourse, Drill Hall became the Hastings Earthquake headquarters. Hastings initially had use of its reticulated water for fire fighting until the Havelock North bridge collapsed and broke the main pipe which was fixed in 24hrs. People gathered in open areas as a safe area during the subsequent aftershocks, a great jolt occurred around 9pm that night caused more damage.

The setting up of picket posts and clearing a pathway through the rubble on the streets for vehicle access like the fire brigade and trucks to pulling down dangerous tilting facades were an initial priority for the organised groups.

Subsequently, post quake Napier had gained valuable land to prosper faster as a city than Hastings.

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Van Ash [Asch]. At the top left is the. Areas of severe damage possibly indicate soft areas built upon old swamp lagoons, by P. Van Asch. A drainage ditch and fencing ran along the northern side of the Main Omahu Rd from Nelson St west to Hicks corner store in This was to drain water from the small swamp areas where later buildings like the Cosy Theatre and Roaches were erected and collapsed in the Quake.

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A woman was suddenly killed from falling rubble when she ran out on to the street from the Hastings Post Office. The Hastings fire brick wall law was introduced after the fires for protection between new buildings, but lessons from the Wellington quake of were not taken — where about thousand bricks were used to build the new Grand Hotel the facade completely collapsed and the adjoining wooden buildings that had withstood the quake were destroyed when the remaining Grand hotel was demolished.

Roach Department Store at right where 17 people died, J. Lands for Bags at left, and the Cosy De Luxe Theatre rubble at near left where a few patrons were killed and injured, by Lovell-Smith. Lands for Bags at right.

Field, Maultstaid [Maultsaid], I. Hill, Harrison and E. G Penlington, some of the senior students and some from the Wellington Regiment who had served in France, unfortunately the Hotels were not allowed to open until 3 weeks after and Penlington had restricted the petrol for emergency only, so the journalists were not able to leave Hastings to file their reports and he was never mentioned in the newspapers.

The smell wafting from the sewer vent pipes along Karamu Rd cause some disquiet. After the quake, roads were damaged and there were few cars, so people had to make their way as best they could. This photo shows the Lane family travelling from their damaged home in Hastings to stay in a house at Clive. Refugees board the first relief train near Hastings bound for Palmerston North when the train line to Hastings was re-opened.

The following photos are divided into two sides — first Hastings east and then Hastings west. The Havelock Brickworks had made the bricks in for the Grand Hotel, the hotel facade collapsed with a roar in the quake. Rusbatch, Tobacconist H.

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Shattky and boot importer Henry K. Thomson before the demolition. Ross who was in the cellar at the time of the earthquake, but assumed was killed by the subsequent fire that night, with the two chimneys by the Union Bank building on Karamu Rd nth. Tong visible on Karamu Rd behind, by Bob Scanlon. The sailors had brought dynamite with them for the demolition, while the aftershocks caused church bells to ring.

Acuerdo ministerial 220 pdf creator

Swan Dentist; W. Tong building is now visible distant, the small traction engine still parked, the sign states — Anyone touching goods in damaged building is liable to arrest, a picket post set up with corrugated iron as wind brace and fireplace, by Sydney Charles Smith.

Tong building on Karamu Rd is now visible distant and the small traction engine still parked, the sign states — Anyone touching goods in damaged building is liable to arrest, with the tall chimneys next to the Union Bank of Australasia, by Sydney Charles Smith.

The Prime Minister arrived in Hastings on the10th February. The solid steel stanchion of a Hastings shop bent like wire unable to support the heavy concrete above. Tonkin land agent, and Harvey Fulton and Hill land and insurance agents, the damaged brick Post Office is further up. Tonkin land agent, and Harvey Fulton and Hill land and insurance agents. The wall of the top storey of the main building has completely sheared off.

The road in the foreground has been cleared of debris and there is a car parked at the road verge, by Jack Marriott. Lewis, then I. Williamson and thirdly W.

Hastings 1931-1950

Bate, he died [] aged D Brown accountant adjoining, a Volunteer Picket on duty. Standing, proprietor, by Sydney Charles Smith. The wooden Albert Hotel survived built for Mr W.

M [Y].

Acuerdo ministerial 220 pdf creator

Dennett, Mrs A. McConnell was proprietor advertised in , shows S. Standing, proprietor, with public telephone box pre-earthquake, demolished , by Henry Norford Whitehead.

It seems ironic that in the historic wooden Albert Hotel which had survived the quake was closed due to a lack of expensive earthquake proofing.

Beattie, G. Thear Butcher, Robt [Robert] A. Strang, the Friendly Society Dispensary, and H.

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Butler cycle dealer, with signage for Ford Tyres. Heretaunga St east looking nth west from Warren St shows powerlines and Ah Wing shop right, and original Central Buildings on fallen facade left side Heretaunga St east looking west from Warren St with 3 watchmen seated on broken couch in the middle of the street Yates far right.

Heretaunga St east at Warren St corner with Wm. Robson importer and C. Cook electrical engineer were, by J. Cook electrical engineer with sign for Batt.

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Cook electrical engineer with sign for Batt at right, by H. Moodie and John William Marriott. Mackenzie; H.

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Jones a Mercer, S. Armstrong Jeweller and G. Evans the Dentist was upstairs, further along the two storied concrete building facade is still standing,. Evans the Dentist was upstairs, by Crown Studios.

Jones a Mercer on veranda posts with a fortuitous Fire Sale sign, S. Armstrong a Jeweller opposite the Pacific Hotel, further along the two storied concrete building facade has now fallen or been demolished, by J.

Acuerdo ministerial 220 pdf creator

Evans the Dentist was upstairs and distant two storied concrete building facade has now fallen or been demolished. This building on right was later demolished and a white concrete building erected in its place.

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The Excelsior Hotel two storied wooden building was still standing in , a Mr Jago of Hastings was connected to the Excelsior House owners and did some research into it. Bicknell boarding house at left, by J.

Housemaid wanted. Bicknell boarding house at left, by D. Luxford, Chiropractic Health Service background. Lands for Bags left. Ingram grocer at , by J.

Much more than documents.

To the right of this building is the A. Redgrave and Company, Grain and Produce Merchants store.

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A school sign on pole — poss [possibly] a small private residential school in Nelson St nth — Rudolf Steiner had started , by Dave Williams. The double-sided noticeboard identifies those members of the public who qualified for meals. There is also an advertisement for two experienced cooks. Bicycles are parked along the wooden fence and a pile of firewood is located in the distance by Sydney Charles Smith. Please do not throw food around. A crowd of people occupy the school yard, by Sydney Charles Smith.

George premises further down — the last property to be acquired by Borough for the Civic Square where an Oak tree was planted behind on Coronation Day. Renovations being undertaken to the building on Karamu Road show painters above the shop painting the top frontage.

Two vehicles parked outside the theatre and several bicycles. The old wooden Kings Theatre was built opposite where the new library in Karamu Rd Civic Square The Kings Theatre was the first to show pictures in Hastings, this building was later moved around to the Hastings Boys High School to become their Assembly Hall, along with carved oak seating, lectern and gramophone and records.

Acuerdo Ministerial 220

Bicknell putting kettles on an outdoor fire to brew tea for her boarders and survivors at her King St sth boarding-house backyard with canvas shading, by Leo Lemuel White, although H. Newell written on back. Bicknell left with arrow indicating and her boarders having tea in the backyard at King St.