Proshow Producer 4.5 Manuale Italiano

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

Turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family.

With ProShow Producer there are no limits Watch the ProShow Producer demo video. Only ProShow Producer offers the perfect mix of creative control and ease-of-use.

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Create a show in just minutes with professional themes and effects. Perfect for weddings, engagements, family photos, nature and outdoor shots, travel photography and more. Browse hundreds of royalty-free tracks in the built-in music library to quickly find the perfect soundtrack for your show.


When you're ready to take total control, ProShow Producer offers up some seriously powerful tools and effects to customize every aspect of your slideshow. Turn your photos and videos into exciting layouts and polished animations with over 1, effects and filters. Create everything from page turns and camera flashes to blurs and fades. No design experience necessary. Want more ready-to-use effects? Expand your collection with Effects Packs and add over 2, more effects.


Take the reins and create your own custom effects with Producer's keyframing, masking and adjustment layers. Create almost any kind of animation, with real-time previews and precision control. Build your own library of custom effects for a streamlined workflow and consistent slideshows.

Pan, zoom, 3D, rotate Just click and drag to create your own motion effects. Timing control Set times for slides and effects. Instant show creation Let ProShow do all the work with the show wizard.

Keyframe animations Create custom effects with keyframed motion and fx. Only ProShow Producer gives you the features of a video editor with the ease-of-use of a slideshow tool.

Blend photos and videos together in nearly any way imaginable. Use the built-in video trimmer to edit your video clips and use just the portion you want. Turn videos to black and white or sepia with one-click layer filters.

Adjust the speed of your video clip to create cool, slow-mo sequences and apply any of Producer's slide styles to your video.

Browse the royalty-free music library, instantly available to use in your shows at no extra charge. Use built-in audio controls to crop songs, crossfade multiple tracks, record voiceovers and set custom fades. Add captions and titles that rival Hollywood. Customize fonts, colors, textures and more for the perfect look. Use text boxes to precisely control placement.

manuale di proshow producer in italiano

Use motion filters to apply professionally-designed animations, or create your own animations with caption keyframes. Add a custom watermark to your slideshow to protect your images.

Copy protect your discs with password protection, playback security and prevent piracy of your images. Use Producer's branding feature to promote your business. Add a custom startup screen, icons and more. Publishing your slideshows is easy, with over 50 popular formats for watching on TV, online, and devices.

Get great quality with HD and 4K output, and add a professional touch with Hollywood-style movie menus. Compare the three ProShow products. With the all-new Follow Filter you can have multiple photos, videos, and captions all move together with just a few clicks.

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Now you won't have to worry about setting up motion for each layer individually, or keeping them in sync as you make changes.

Just set up the motion on a single layer or caption, and use the Follow Filter to make other layers and captions follow the position, zoom, rotation or tilt of your chosen layer. The all new Layer Filters let you apply instant effects to any photo or video in your show. Add a film filter to simulate the look of an old film camera, or apply retro effects to create something stylized.

Use the Layer Filters browser to easily see what each filter does, with real-time previews, to pick the perfect effect for your show. Combine Layer Filters with any of ProShow's Slide Styles and transition effects and discover a whole new level of creativity.

The all-new Motion Filters let you apply ready-to-use animations to individual photos and videos. Make layers pulse, fly in, shake and more.

manuale di proshow producer in italiano

Over motion filters come built-in with ProShow 9. Use the Motion Filter browser to see a real-time preview of how your photo or video will animate. You can even combine Motion Filters with ProShow's existing options for animating motion, letting you create almost any kind of animation you can imagine. Motion Filters even work with Slide Style and transition effects! ProShow Producer's modifiers feature has helped tons of power-users to create incredible effects by automating values using waveforms and algorithms.

ProShow 9 brings some new updates to this powerful tool, enabling brave ProShow users to do even more.

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

The new Bounce function provides an entirely new curve model for modifiers. A new option to start a modifier at the end of a slide and invert it let's you create effects that play in reverse. New built-in color palettes offer collections of curated colors created by professional graphic designers. Have favorite colors of your own? Create your own color palettes!

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

Store your favorite or frequently used colors and keep colors consistent across your show with custom palettes. Not great at picking colors?

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New complimentary and variation color palettes automatically provide choices based on the current color. Pick the general color you want red, blue, green, etc.

ProShow has always made it easy to combine photos and video clips in your show, but ProShow 9 makes it faster and easier than ever before.

Imported videos are higher quality, with tons of under-the-hood improvements to get you the best looking videos. ProShow 9's improved vignette tool includes all-new presets, letting you apply ready-made vignettes to your photos and videos. Create custom vignette presets to make applying your own designs easier than ever. The vignette window even automatically remembers your last-used vignette, making it effortless to apply the same look to multiple photos and videos.

With 4 times the resolution of normal HD videos, 4K video gives you incredible quality. Creating 4K video is easy using the new 4K video profiles that come built-in with the Video for Web, Devices and Computers tool.

Please note that creating 4K video requires a significant amount of computer power, so we recommend using newer, faster computers when publishing to 4K. Creating 4K video on older or slower machines may take a really long time.


Never lose track of a created video again. The new Publishing History keeps track of every video, upload, and disc you make for a show. Use the history to quickly see what's been made, open the created videos, or jump to the location of the file in Windows Explorer. ProShow 9's video engine has been improved, and creates videos up to 1.

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

All-new support for hardware video encoders lets power-users take advantage of the dedicated video encoding chips on higher-end graphics cards. On systems with supported NVidia or Intel cards, you can create H. See more featured slideshows on the ProShow Blog or our Vimeo channel. The ProShow Producer User Guide is the official manual for Producer, covering every feature, function, and option in the program.

in just minutes

The user guide is available as a free PDF download. See more training videos on the ProShow Blog or our Vimeo channel.

The ProShow Blog has hundreds of articles offering tips and tutorials, inspiration, and industry news. Find all the latest news and free effects! Find help with technical issues, tutorials, and frequently asked questions. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from our Help section. Call or email us, and let one of our ProShow experts give you a hand. We can help with technical problems, or explain how something works in ProShow. You're unlikely to find another application that comes close to Producer's range of features.

Photodex ProShow Producer was so fun to play with, it was hard to pull myself away to write this review. ProShow Producer is so easy to use and produces the most amazing slideshows that it makes me want to go through all my photos and use it to create more and more slideshows. With so many cheesy programs on the market, it's nice to see a company that takes slideshows seriously.

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

Photodex has been making software for 20 years, that experience shows in Producer. Have you wanted to really wow your clients with a professional slideshow presentation of their images?

Proshow producer 4.5 manuale italiano

Then you're going to love ProShow Producer. ProShow Producer is a very important piece of my photography equipment. It has literally changed the way I do business. We use this pro-level photo slideshow application as a real-world benchmark.

I don't think there is anything on the market that can compete with ProShow Producer, it integrates beautifully with my workflow using the Lightroom plugin. The ProShow Instant Show wizard is not just a poser behind a curtain.